Would a game like this be a sin?

So I like computer games, espeshally the total war series, it rules, their about all I play, mostly because I got a new computer, and I lost the CD keys for most of my other games, but anyways, there real fun, for instance, in Medival II total war, you can be a Catholic, orthodox, or muslum country. There are alot of Catholic themes in it, The Pope can excommunicate you, you can be reconciled, there are crusades, the Pope can appoint Cardinals and if you have any you can vote for the next Pope. And can be inquisitions, if your a muslum country, you can declare jihads, and if your Orthodox, you get nothing, you can build Churches and convert people and thats it. But you can also kill the Pope, either in battle or by assasinating him. Now, that happened in real life but still. If your Muslum, it’s possible to conquer and convert everyone, and do what they never could, and also, one thing thats never happned to me, but I’ve heard of happening, someone took Rome and killed the Pope or something, but then the next turn, all his family members died from “The will of God” (or something) and he lost. I think it’s a rare occurance but I thought that was kind of amusing. but anyway, I know it’s not real and I just consider it entertainment in a historical setting, but would a game like this be a sin at all? one more thing I forgot, you can build brothels and stuff to keep the population happy. Now, there’s no sex, and it only describes what it is in the text description, and is there because it is historical fact. but hm??

Nope. The actions are not real, that Pope who died is not real, it’s all pixels and as long as you don’t actually kill/hurt people in real life…

Thought so, your killing 1’s and 0’s, but there were some threads here on violent video games, and i just wanted to know, speshally’ since it’s the Pope and Church and all.

I don’t think its bad in the sence that its violent, but it is one of those slipery slope deals.

I’d never let a kid play it.

The part that gets me is the brothels to keep people happy. WHAT?:mad: This is the most ludicrous and stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Its very man-focused and chauvinistic.

And I would feel as if I was doing something dirty participating in any of these “campaigns” even if there just 0 and 1.

There is nothing good that can come from dwelling in the “historical fact” that there were moslem crusades, the separation from Rome of the orthodox and that brothels made people “happy.” They didn’t make women happy, and if you look at the time those “women” were mostly little girls.

It’s not bad, it from that to inns and higher up and such. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_II_Total_War

Its a turn based strategy game, and the battles are real time tactical stuff. It’s a historical game. If your thinking of trash like Grand theft auto, this game is no where even close to that.

All it is, is brothel, inn, tavern, whatever, and a public order increase x% and a description that describes the history. Building these increases order and allows you to recruit spys and assasins because questionable people tend to frequent such places. Thats the extent of it in the game. It doesnt glorify prostitution like GTA. The order it goes as you go higher is brothel, inn, tavern, coaching house and pleasure palace, (not very specific on that one, it says for that, some things are prohibited by the holy texts, while the majority are merely prohibited to those with a regular income or something.) For muslim factions it’s different, it goes shisa (spelling?) on and on until the last one which is the same as everyone else. Mostly talks about coffie and smoking and such, things that aren’t sinful in and of itself, since muslums arent allowed to drink alcohol. Except the last one because it’s the same.

What does everyone else think?

Ughhh evil really dosn’t come in the overt forms. It comes in very subtle ruling forms.

If I mixed a 1/2 teaspoon of poo into brownies would you still eat them? They would only be a little bad. If you can honestly say yes then go ahead and play your game.

Things ARE THAT BAD. Guess what…you’re permissivly allowing an evil to enter your home and mind. You’re allowing that concept to obscure your view of what is healthy and unhealthy in society…even if its a fake one that you run

Can someone else who plays this game explain better than me? You don’t take part in it, and of course that was bad, but it’s really in the background. I don’t know how I could explain this better without showing pictures from the game. But what are you expecting exactly?

Quote of the day, for sure. LOL

One thing I wonder, is why do the muslums get all the wholesome stuff? Seriously. Also, on the other end, building Churches also makes people happy. And btw, the crusades weren’t all bad.

Wait, so Orthodox Christianity shouldn’t be portrayed in the game?

They were justified. Some of the conduct (which was unauthorized by the Pope and made him very unhappy) was not justified but most of the current depictions of the Crusades suffer from revisionist trash not letting the light through.


Your analogy may be sound on paper but when applied to reality we will find that everything in this world has a “little bad” in it. Unless of course you believe that the Church is so holy that its members are free from sin and corruption?

Wow, so even a fake concept, regardless if one is capable of having the mental strength and rationality to distinguish it and to keep it from reality, is still a threat? I guess actors who play as villains are in just equal danger of letting evil into their lives. :rolleyes:

Buddy, if you just simply know the fact that what you’re playing isn’t real and that you can’t do it in real life, then you’re fine. I’m sure there are some more explicit material out there that are an exception to this rule but your game’s not one of them.

What an evil game. It promotes assassination, conquest, and (given your later comment on brothels) prostitution. I wouldn’t play it. There are lots more wholesome games on www.nintendo8.com

You can’t be serious. Other than perhaps Pokemon or the old Super Mario Bros. (the latter which I actually can’t stand because of its repetitive and over-simplistic gameplay), all those other games have as much entertainment value as playing pocket pinball.

I don’t know about any of you, but I prefer a little bit more sophistication and complexity in my gameplay, thanks.

The problem is that you’re being suaded that its OK to play a game with “a little evil” in it. Sure, its not as bad as the other games you talk about BUT fornication isn’t “as bad” as murder.

Did it ever occur to you that the fact that these are all not real nullifies any serious moral ramifications that were there in the first place?

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