Would a game like this be a sin?

Evil? it’s a war game, of course theres conquest.

and no offense, but the games on that site look about 20 years old, their so primitive it’s not even funny.

You said it.

I’ve seen the game in shops but never i’ve actually read up on it or played it. Is it like age of empires? If so i don’t really see any problems. As i play AOE when my comp acts up and won’t let me play battlefield games…(bangs head against wall.why did i let them talk me into getting vista?) I think as long as you keep it in context and not take it too serious or rely on it for lessons on the church or history in general,

It’s sort of, except this game blows age of empires out of the water. Quite frankly, it makes AOE look primitive, the campaign is turn based, but the battles are awesome, like a scene out of braveheart. Go to youtube, type in the title and maybe battle, and you’ll see what I mean.

When we attend mass we say “I confess to you Almighty God, to you my brothers and sisters, that I have sinned through my own fault. In my thoughts, in my words, what I have done, and what I have failed to do…”

When we say this, we say that we sin, even in our thoughts and in our lack of action…
therefore, what enters our minds DOES matter, and failure to prevent such evil from entering our minds DOES matter with regard to avoiding sin.

In other words, playing this game is a sin…I believe.

Pretending to commit sins for eterntainment value - like assassination and prostitution - is a sin. Playing that war game is a sin. Don’t get desensitized like Lost Wanderer has.

So all war video games are sinful? And there is no actual prostitution in the game. Is watching Braveheart or Saving Private Ryan a sin?

Sure you’re not observing prostitiun, only gloryfying it for the advancement of your society. It sends a lingering and damaging message. Yes, its wrong no matter how you slice it. Just becuase you don’t participate in the evil dosn’t mean you’re not letting it sway you. Again, its like the poo. If you don’t think a little bit will hurt you go right ahead and eat the brownie. This is “just a little bit” of filth. Its nothing major, nothing that will immediatly cause you to suffer, but it is bad.

And many, many war games are sinful in their attempts to dehumanize killing. I remember the old Ages of Empires being pretty clean though, and games like my roommate plays…I’ll have to get the names of those.

And about watching movies. I don’t have the answer but the American Bishops run an excellent site with what I consider pretty fair judgment calls.

The only problem is that you’re spending your time living in these worlds and playing these games. How you spend your time DOES come with serious moral ramifications.

You command troops, and tell them to do what ever, there’s no gore, no dismemberment. its not excessive. And yeah, I wonder, why do the muslums get the wholesome stuff?

I didn’t say it was gorey i just said they dehumanize people. weither or not you “zap a person to another planet” or watch his guts spill out over the screen it dosn’t matter to me.

You say you like history. Those “characters” represent fictionalized versions of people.

People who were going about their daily business and were called into war. Mostly men who were farmers, who knew nothing about warfare. It makes it too easy to knock off some pixels just becuase they are there.

That and there’s a story from the Dean Koontz “Strange Highways” collection that is more than appropriate. I’m going to spoil it. A man who’s struggled to do everything right to build his business deals with a past where he was tourtured by a veitnam prison camp leader as a POW all the while building a good life. Then he moves into a house where he discovers the basment very much like the POW camp. When he finds out that the camp leader is a busineman still bringing him down today he shoves the guy down the stairs. Next goes someone trying to end his business…then other people become ok to shove down the stairs…like someone who sold him a lemon car…and then eventually to his wife and children.

My point, again, is that this isn’t the worst evil, but its no good and no good can come of it.

Yes war is terrible, I’m not a violent person. it’s a game, noone is actually hurt. Have you listned to David Grossman? His claims have been dicredited.

I play this game; personally I never build brothels because keeping a general or family member there risks turning them into a drunkard and less useful on the battlefield (You know this by a list of traits)

Now as for if it’s sinful; I would say by itself no. I mean if you use this game just to spitefully assassinate the Pope each time a new one is elected then I’d believe it would be a sin; and that you’d have some kind of blatant anti-catholic feeling. However since its a stradegy game there are parts that aren’t in your control. I mean even if you build no brothels at all one of your family members may become a drunk; and others may pick up mistress retruine. You didn’t intend it to happen; but will God allow you to be punished with eternal damnation for playing this game? I would think not unless you abuse it like stated above.

Thank you! Someone else who plays this. I’ve never “assainated the Pope”. I try to stay on the good side of the Pope always, although, one time, I got excommunicated, and i was trying to come back, and he attacked me! I wasnt going to kill him because I still wanted to be reconciled, but when he was retreating he got hit by a crossbowman because I forgot to tell them to stop fireing! Sometimes I use assasians to damage buildings, or kill a general of a faction i’m at war with, but never the Papal states. As for me, I’m finding it nessisary to build higher level taverns in larger cities to keep them from rioting, and yeah, I make religion a high priority, they tend to get some better traits if their pious.

I’m glad to have helped. Heh my biggest mistake when playing would be not building Taverns and the likes early on. By a late game I’m rushing to build these things just so I can have a few spies and assassins for my defense and offense. I normally try to stay on the Papal States good side, but it gets hard when you have a border with them since they can become as agressive as any normal faction.

Funny how you keep saying that even though you constantly back down each time I challenge you to find quotes from the Catechism that states playing violent video games is sinful.

Yeah, I spend my time blasting polygons to bits on a video/computer game to blow off some stress in order that I won’t do it by actually going about on a shooting spree like some nuts I’ve read about. Taking the the lives of a programmed, fictional, 3D-polygons is definitely no different from taking the lives of real people uh-huh…:rolleyes:

So are chess pieces. What do you think Pawns, Bishops, and Knights stood for? :rolleyes:
Are you going to say playing chess is then sinful? Pretty much all RTS war games (Warcraft, Starcraft, Red Alert) are nothing more than advanced versions of chess and checkers. You control units and your goal is to have them annihilate the opposing side. Frankly, I’ve never been so good at them (I can’t even beat a normal level AI from any the games mentioned >_>;; ) but it’s from my losses (yes bacon man and other gamers, I’m a noob, please don’t laugh) that I realize the importance of proper strategy and the importance planning on how to use your resources.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m really gonna wage war with other people. Only nuts like Jack Thompson believe in the nonsense that video games do that to ya. :rolleyes:

The catechism hasn’t exactly caught up with nintendo 64. I’ll let Eucharisted handle finding those quotes becuase I’m sure there are a ton about squandering time, allowing violent images or ideas into our homes and the slipery slope in general.

But again. I specifically stated that it IS different so saying that its the same is ludicrious. HOWEVER, it dosn’t make it not sinful. I’m not talking about a stress disorder, I’m talking about the fact that this warps your mind ever so slowly. How do you think you get to a place where it becomes ok to have a real-live porno shop in your neighborhood becuase “it keeps people employed and happy” and since you don’t participate in it, its ok. What about illegal drugs? You don’t participate in them but you’d probably freak if they started using your backyard. What about if the FBI wanted to use some of your bandwith and hard-drive to process torture secrets?

Its not about you becoming a mass-murder. Its about the fact that one needs to recognize that wrong is wrong and evil is evil and its not “ok” just becuase its a computer game.

And again, how we spend our time does have serious moral implications. If someone squander time laying in bed, eating ho-hos they will have the sin of gluttony and sloth to answer for. If how we spent our time didn’t have moral implications then we wouldn’t have to go to Mass weekly. God is a great demander of our time

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