Would a Global America With a Global Currency mean a better world?


Would a Global America With a Global Currency mean a better world?

By this i mean a world were the only government Is the US Government (all countries are essentially a part of the united states) and all countries use the american dollar.

What do you think?


No, because evil men and women run it.

I have nothing against globalism per se, but only under the church. Anything else is the Towel of Babel and should be struck down.


What sort of government do you think would be voted into power by a worldwide electorate? Do you think it would be a recognizably American government?


No, not necessarily.

And why should the rest of the world be run by the United States?


Absolutely not. We can’t effectively govern ourselves anymore.


I am not able to say - - - - - - - - - - - -


I literally mean that all countries would function exactly the same as we find america today. They would all be a worldwide america. This question assumes that everybody agrees with the political system, at least at it’s most basic level.

Would it be a better world in your opinion?


I’m not saying that it should. I’m just asking what you think it would be like. Would human civilisation be better off in your opinion, or would we be better as it is now.


I suppose it’s an interesting question. It certainly would be a vastly different world. I tend to be opposed to extreme globalism, so I would be inclined to say that no, it wouldn’t be a better world.

Further, I’d say it’s an impossibility since each area of the world has a vastly different language an culture. It just wouldn’t work.


Can you speak some more on this please. What makes you opposed?


Come on brothers. This is a no brainer, is it not?

Secular Globalism is Satanic through and through. It’s the mirror image Satan has tried to counter the church with (be it under the guise of capitalism, imperialism, communism, etc). The Church has global mission too, but any other pretender should not be mistaken for it. The world’s version is like the Bizarro version (Bizzaro from Superman comics… if you recall).


Are you against cultural globalism?


Is there any good reasons for thinking that a one world government would be intrinsically evil in theory?

I tend to think that an attempt at a one world government would fail for practical reasons. But is there anything inherently wrong with it in principle.


No. I’m saying that I believe such a thing is a practical impossibility.


That’s a good question. If I took the Tower of Babel example again, I’d say the main reason is Babel tried to make a tower that, metaphorically, entrenched on God’s domain and tried to reach the heavens.

In the abstract, the sin is the sheer audacity in trying to build great things without God. And not simply “without God”, but actively working against God in many cases.


Well, as society becomes increasingly secular in how it makes laws and governs society, it seems that western society in general is already building great things without God, since he is less relevant if not completely obsolete in considering why society does anything at all.


The world had a currency that was common to all. Most of it was in gold and silver.

Until some countries couldn’t pay their bills so they printed IOU’s.


This is true. But like the Bob Dylan song says: “You gotta serve somebody”. Their freedom is an illusion.

People try to abandon God, only to fall in the hands of tyranny, wickedness, and what other awful master is over their life. Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”


The world has rejected God, accept for those who know better. It seems that history has a pattern of powers emerging, becoming great, and then once it reaches it’s peak it collapses under it’s own weight.


The Western world has in droves sadly, but we shouldn’t give up. And look to the East, as Chinese, Thai etc are believing in Christ in larger numbers (despite the political or cultural assault or taboos). Perhaps the pendulum swings there as the strength of the church! It’ll be funny to me, if one day, Chinese priests are in France in America converting people to Christ. :slight_smile:

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