Would a painful death mean less time in Purgatory?


I was thinking about this today. There are some deaths that are swift and virtually painless. My fathers was a horrible year long drawn out battle with cancer. He went from a strong vibrant man to looking like a Holocaust victim. He wasn’t the most religious man but in the end was a good man. Could this have been Gods punishment for salvation?


We are offered suffering to show God we care more about Him than about other things.

I’m sure He takes our reactions to His offers (allowances) of suffering into consideration when He shows us His mercy at our passing.



Bearing the sufferings of this life is definitely part of the purification process–and even if we suffer more than we deserve, like St. Paul we fill up what is lacking in the other members. Bearing suffering therefore is an act of love for Jesus and our fellow Christians. :slight_smile:


Hi, I think God have mercy for all his children, but I don’t think that a painful death mean less time in Purgatory.


igator 99:

This can’t be considered dogma but, in the biography of Blessed Brother André Bessette - founder of St. Joseph’s Oratory here in Montreal, it is recorded that Blessed Brother André said, “There are some souls who do their Purgatory here on earth.”

So at the very least, we could say that you were both thinking similarly on that particular aspect (and people from around here would say that puts you in pretty good company :thumbsup: ).


Thanks for everyones input. My father passed away 29 years ago. He was a good man but not an every Sunday going to mass type of person. He built a huge cross for our church that has survived three major hurricanes. I can’t imagine him being in hell. The last year of his life was like hell on Earth.


The day I become a saint I’ll ask for a swift death. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind a little forewarning to give me time to get my act together. If I did get my act together, that should save me time in Purgatory.


May your father rest in peace in Heaven with the Lord. Be assured that God does not condemn good men. Our suffering on earth can mitigate our time in Purgatory but I think we have to offer it up as such.

Many of the saints offered up their sufferings for others both for relief from Purgatory and for grace for salvation. How many of us would be willing to suffer for our friends or relatives in Purgatory ??


If you are worried about your father’s soul in Purgatory, you can always pray for him. Even if he is already in Heaven, your prayers can be used for those who are still in Purgatory.


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