Would a Weekly Roman Missal for 1975-1999 still be usable

I was looking at books at Half Priced books and I came across a Weekly and Sunday Roman Missal for $8 and $6 respectively. I have been thinking about purchasing a Missal for the past year, so my question is would it be worth it to purchase this missal or has there been a lot of changes to the Liturgy since this missal.

Hello: I had a question about an older missal too. I have one dating 1957. I have been thinking about parting with it. My question is what does one do with an old missal?

Thank you

Is the edition you are talking about put out by the Daughters of St. Paul?

Those missals from 75 - 99 have different rendering of the scripture verses in them but they are the same readings for the day. Just be prepared for that. Other than that they should be usable.

As for the 57 missal, that is usable for the Traditional Latin Mass. I encourage you to find a use for it by attending daily!

Find an EF Mass and attend regularly.

@mattwcu it is the from the Daughters of St. Paul. Thanks for the info. I think in the end I am going to buy a new Missal. They are a little more expensive but it will be good to support our local Catholic book store. It is about the same price as a one year subscription to “Magnificat.” Thanks again.

Its good to support our Catholic bookstores. I wish we had more of them around…

Be careful of the missals published by Catholic Book Publishing Company. They are nice but the introductions to the Mass of the day are full of mushy heterodox teaching.

I believe the Daughters of St. Paul have new editions out, but I am unfamiliar with them. I know the old edition (the one you were looking at) is pretty orthodox as far as I could tell.

If you attend daily mass, this would not be a bad price.

However, there is a new English version coming out in 2010 or 2011. Some of the common texts, such as the Gloria and Creed are different.

Also “and with your spirit” replaces “and also with you.”

For the Ordinary (which has been approved) look at the USCCB’s site for the “white book”.

I would not buy a new missal now. Even here in the parish we need to replace our Sacramentary but are patching the cover together to try to hold out until the new translations come out. The target date is Advent 2011 but may be earlier.

Or later, as is more likely in things ecclesiastical.:wink:

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