Would Airport job justify working on Sunday?

I have applied for numerous positions and to numerous places this summer and have been unsuccessful at finding a job. Now three prospects have presented themselves (see below). I am a double-major (Philosophy and Theology) at a Catholic college, and will no longer be living in the student residence this year. I had to make living arrangements with a friend’s family for when the semester begins or whenever I land a job, whichever comes first. I will also foresee ably go down to part-time status as a student so that I can work a job while going to school. I am trying to find a job to help me pay my tuition, pay down my student loans, and the rent that I will have to pay so as to substantially decrease the contribution my parents have to make for me 1) to help relieve their financial burden, they are tight as it is and 2) free myself from “strings-attached” should I choose enter a vocation that my family finds disagreeable – and I don’t mean secular vocation. The second is a personal and very difficult matter for me that is a topic in its own right. The point is, I want to assume the responsibilities of adulthood to the degree feasible in my situation. I will be turning 22 this month.

I applied for E-911 Dispatcher which requires a very involved hiring process, not to mention the year-long training should I be offered a position. I am still aways from the interview, as I have to first make it through two exams first.

I also applied for a Teacher’s Assistant position which to my knowledge does not involve weekends. I have an interview this week.

Today, just earlier I received a call and offer to be interviewed (also this week) for the part-time traffic enforcement position at an Airport. The woman I spoke to over the phone told me the job would involve weekdays and weekends and she asked me if that was fine. I said yes. Now I’m nervous because I have a qualifier in mind. On the one hand, an Airport is in the transportation business which is 24/7. On the other hand, it seems as though I should prefer a job that does not require me to work on Sundays over one that does. Yet … someone will have to work that job if not me. The pay is also better than Teacher’s Assistant … at the same time I don’t want some dollars difference of pay per hour to be THE determining factor.

The big picture is that I have none of the above jobs guaranteed. I am accepting more than one interview because obviously I might not get hired for one or the other position, so I am leaving my options open. I am rather desperate at this point, but want to remain faithful to my commitments as a Catholic.

What should I do at the Airport job interview — explain I attend Mass faithfully every week and would like to ask for an accommodation for Sunday? Should I even bother asking for Sunday’s off or would that seem ridiculous since 1) it was already told to me weekends are included and 2) Airport business is around the clock every day of the year? Does such a job fall under the category of necessary work for the common good and functioning of society (e.g. emergency services, healthcare,)?

Input much appreciated, I am quite stressed.

Many churches have Sunday evening, and even Saturday evening services.

If it is absolutely impossible to attend either services (I assume this is not the norm) it should be fine to attend a service during the week instead.

Depends on your hours, they will not make you stay there 24/7 that is just inhuman.

If you end up working on a Sunday, go to a vigil mass Saturday. Usually if they tell you to work the evening of Saturday, they will either let you off Sunday or make you come in late on Sunday (because duh, you need sleep), then you can go to Sunday mass as usual or a little early.

I’m a nurse, have worked early morning shifts or evening shifts and I have not had any problems with the Sunday obligation. You just need to adjust your Mass time a bit, if you serve in the parish at a particular Mass time you have to tell them about the shifting hours that you work, they will be flexible about it or if you are not really sure about it you can just tell them that you cannot do it anymore because of your job.

It will be kind of ridiculous if you ask them to take Sunday off since its already required of you to be working the weekends.

I believe that dispensations can be given for legitimate reasons, and if this is the only job you’ve been able to get I imagine that it would qualify as a legitimate reason. Only your priest can really know, and only your priest (or bishop… I think priest…) can give you a dispensation.

As for what to do at your interview, if you really need this job I just wouldn’t mention it. It’s not his business, and it may make him think twice about hiring you. If, once you’ve gotten the job, it really does become a major issue, you can talk to your supervisor and coworkers about switching shifts.

Also, most Catholic Churches offer masses on Saturday evening, as well as several masses throughout the day on Sunday to account for this potential. My Church has mass at 7:30, 9:00, 11:00 and 5:00pm, not including the Spanish Mass. I’d imagine that yours would offer a similar gamut of times.

If you get the job, and it requires you to work through all available masses, speak to your priest. I’d image that he’ll help you figure soothing out.

Good luck! God Bless!

Since we don’t know where you are located I can’t help you with specifics, but many larger airports have chapels where services are held – even Masses. You may be surprised.



Also, as others have said there are Saturday night Masses and Masses at numerous times as well.

You need to discuss this with your pastor who will hopefully guide you in clarification and peace of mind.

Hey Hans I think you spelled K wrong

That is cool! I didn’t know that. I mean I know some airports have chapels (our priest said mass in the Chapel of the airport before we picked him up to fulfill his obligation) but I didn’t know that they actually say mass there too! wonder if we can just drop by for a mass at the airport…LOL…is it open to the public?

Thank you for the responses!

There is one difficulty associated with getting a dispensation, and it regards the question of which priest is considered my pastor, and which has the authority to give me, specifically, a dispensation.

During the school year I lived in a major city that is two hours away from where my parents live. The only reason I came back to live with them this summer is because with the close of the academic year, I had to move out of my residence and didn’t have a job. I didn’t not register with any parishes in that city, because I ordinarily attended Sunday Mass at the Motherhouse of religious sisters which is open to the public and I loved going to Mass with them. There was also Mass on campus in the Chapel, and in the Chapel of the Catholic hospital next door. Only toward the end of the year did I begin going to a particular parish for Mass, and that’s only because I had heard that Mass at this particular parish is said ad orientum which caught my attention. However, I did not register.

I am already registered at my family’s parish, and have been since Fall 2012, because I was living with them before I I started school at my Catholic college. The problem is that my family’s parish belongs to a different Diocese. I fall under two different Bishops depending on the time of the year…

Is it sufficient to just register at a parish to acquire a pastor, or could my school chaplain be considered one for the purposes of a dispensation? I know him well and have gone to him several times for guidance throughout the year.

Stick with the pastor of the parish where you reside.
Jobs are hard to come by. If it’s a good position, that pays you well and will work with your school schedule, snag it. And meet with your priest to see what he says. We can’t know what he’ll say, but I pray it all works out great for you!
You’ll likely be able to handle your Sunday obligation.

This is a common misconception, but one does not acquire a pastor by registering at a parish. Canon law does not recognize parish registration in any way, shape, or form. You acquire a pastor my geographical location. Sometimes you may have two pastors - if you maintain two domiciles - and you could request a dispensation from either. That being said, I imagine you would typically be able to get to mass at some point between Saturday evening and Sunday night even if working on Sunday.

Asking for Sundays off during your first interview, will most likely be a deal breaker for the employer; there are plenty of applicants who will be available anytime to work. This is a good, honest job and there shouldn’t be any problem for you to work on Sunday.

Its not clear to me if you are asking how you would fulfill your Sunday obligation if you have to work on Sundays or if you are asking if its okay to work on Sundays even if you do fulfill your obligation.
Your Sunday obligation can be fulfilled by attending any Mass on Sunday or any Mass on Saturday evening.
You are not obliged not to work on Sundays.

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