Would anyone like to read my book?

Hi, i’m 16 and I wrote a type of novel I guess. I tried to make it christian fiction. Would anyone like to read it and give me feedback please?

Sure, I’d be glad to - and I’d try to be tactful if anything bothered me. :smiley: I suppose this is one of those times that PMing is useful.:wink:

I love to read and would love to read your book also. Please feel free to PM me as well!

why not? :smiley:
Feel free to PM me.

thank you guys. THere is one problem I tried to send it by PM but it’s to long and it won’t allow me to send it. Can I send it any other way?

I’m in too! I think there’s an option on our profile pages to send an email. Try that, if it doesn’t work, i’ll pm you my email address :smiley:

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