Would attending a Saturday morning funeral Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?

My family and I flew across the States to attend my grandmother’s funeral recently; the funeral mass was during the late morning on Saturday. The next day, my parents took the rental car to go visit friends. My aunt, who is also a practicing Catholic, took me and my other aunt and uncle (neither of them are Catholic) out to the beach all day. I did not even mention Mass to her that day, because she was very emotionally distraught over family matters, but I should have. I assumed we were going to an evening Mass, but we did not. I was not sure if I had fulfilled my Sunday obligation, and I’m still not sure. Have I committed a mortal sin?


A Saturday morning Mass does not fulfill the Sunday obligation. But I do not believe that you committed a mortal sin because you did not intend to miss Sunday Mass. There were several conditions that you had no control over.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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