Would attending an SSPX Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?

I understand that this question has been asked quite a few times before on these forums, but the most recent thread I could find dates back to 2010, and my situation is very specific. I posted this first in the “Family Life” forum here, but could not get a definitive answer. I thought I’d try my luck here.

I also found a couple of more recent links elsewhere on the internet where priests have tried to answer this question:
*]Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: wdtprs.com/blog/2012/07/quaeritur-mass-obligation-at-an-sspx-chapel-and-receiving-communion/
*]Fr. Kenneth Doyle: catholicphilly.com/2012/09/think-tank/catholic-spirituality/does-attending-sspx-mass-fulfill-a-catholics-sunday-obligation/
Just some more background information on my particular situation. I’ve been dating a girl, and both her and her family are in SSPX and attend their Masses. I will be flying out to meet her family in a little over a week. She first invited me to Mass at an SSPX school chapel, where she went to go to school, while I’m there. I agreed and asked to attend a diocesan Latin Mass, in addition to that one, so there’s no doubt I fulfilled my Sunday obligation. She agreed, but invited me to a Mass at her SSPX parish. Upon learning this, I asked to attend the Mass at the school chapel only, and wanted to see if there’s a non-SSPX Mass close by that’s celebrated by a priest in good standing.

One of the problems is that I will be staying at a hotel, and she will be providing transportation. The nearest Catholic churches (FSSP and diocese) are 50 minutes away by foot from my hotel, in a strange town I’ve never been to, in frigid early morning temperatures. I would fear for my safety and health, if I did make the trek on foot. The alternative is that I could potentially call a cab to take me there. I could ask her to drive me there, but as you can imagine, this is a sensitive topic, and I’m not ready to have that conversation with her yet. Asking her to drive me to the NO Mass or the FSSP Mass - I understand SSPX does not like FSSP - would bring up this topic prematurely.

So I’m a little stuck. Would this constitute a valid reason for me to attend the SSPX Mass to fulfill my Sunday obligation? I do not agree with SSPX and believe in the validity of the NO Mass, which I had been attending, though I am open to attending Latin Masses, as well. She’s also invited me to daily Masses at her SSPX parish.

This has caused me to lose sleep over the past few days, and any input/help would be greatly appreciated. Also, since this is kind of personal, it would be great if someone could respond to me in private. Thank you very much in advance!

These links should help answer your question about attending Mass at an SSPX chapel. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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