Would-be burglar shot to death, police say



In a tough year for Fort Wayne criminals, a second man has been killed by a civilian intended victim. We have also had three more shot to death by police.

This offender, Ricardo M Hood, had an extensive criminal record in his 33 years. He had just been released from prison in June, and already had a warrant for his arrest issued on August 12 for violating probation.

It could be argued that his violent death was inevitable given his inability to stop committing crimes against his neighbors, but it is in no way a good thing. A few years ago we had a local three store grocery chain repeatedly robbed by addicts looking for fast cash. In one of the attempted robberies, the assistant manager responded to the 22 caliber pistol pointed at him by producing his own 45 caliber and wounding the robber. It was only good news for a few weeks. The next robber, knowing that some of the managers were armed, chose to shoot the manager before he could respond. The whole chain went out of business shortly afterwards because most people do not want to shop in an environment with frequent shootings.

Crime really is a major cause of poverty, more than the typical wisdom that poverty causes crime.


No question.

I read an article about elderly people living in high crime areas. They are confined to their homes and can’t get the exercise they need. In my neighborhood, there are always people walking around, even at night.

This is poverty.

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