Would Communion Be Valid?

Hypothetically speaking, if a Catholic priest preached in favor of things that were against Catholic teaching (the use of birth control, that there is no such thing as Original Sin, etc) then would he still be in communion with the Catholic church? Would the Eucharist people receive at his Mass be the actual body of Christ? Would that communion be valid?


The Church dealt with this centuries ago.

**The consecration of the bread and wine only needs the proper matter and form. As long as matter and form are followed every consecration is valid - regardless of the state of the invidiaul soul of the priest.

Jesus desires to be with us more than any of our individual failings! A beautiful truth of the Catholic Church!**

Ex opere operato is a Latin phrase meaning “from the work done” referring to the efficacy of the Sacraments deriving from the action of the Sacrament as opposed to the merits or holiness of the priest or minister.

another question;

if a non Catholic attends Mass and receives communion did transubstantiation occur?
Does the non Catholic receive the same graces that a catholic does?

This also presumes that the non Catholic did so without realizing the restrictions of the church upon who can receive Holy Communion.

Of course. The priest confects the Eucharist, not the congregation.

The grace we receive depends upon our disposition. We cannot answer this question.

Yes It would if he was not in a state of mortal sin

This is not the teaching of the Catholic Church. Read some of the prior posts.

Thank you for the information.

It would still be valid if he was in a state of mortal sin.

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