Would God hurt you to tell you somthing?

Like if i stepped on a nail while watching somthing does this mean God wants me to stop watching that program?

No. It means that you weren’t looking where you were going…and if that’s because you were looking at what you were not supposed to be looking at then take it for what it’s worth…

Teachccd…I agree with you, but I also think that sometimes God will put us in an interesting situation if we need growth of some sort.

My personal example: I took a job teaching at a school in a near by town. I prayed about whether this was the best thing for my family and myself. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was supposed to take this job. However, when I was introduced to my 2 teachers aides one of them was the woman that my DH had an affair with. As you can imagine it was quite a shock. However, due to this situation I have grown as a person and understand what true forgiveness actually is. I think God encouraged me to take this job…it was still my choice and I could have turned it down,…but I think He led me to it to help me grow to be more of the person He wants me to be.

Does that make sense?

That makes perfect sense and I could not agree with you more. God definitely allows things or situations to happen for our growth. The OP was specific when he or she asked if God “hurts” people, physically I assumed, to get their attention. I would think not and especially in the example that he or she provided. But I absolutely concur with your situation as one being allowed for personal growth. And, as you stated, you had the free will to leave. But you would not have free will had God stuck a nail in you…God Bless…teachccd :slight_smile:

No, but I’m not surprised that God didn’t send your guardian angel to move the nail. :wink: :smiley:

So you think God didnt try to tell me somthing there?

Also what if i got dust in my eye durning the show and stepped on glass durning the show?

or if the back to the TV remote broke off? all in 1 show.

The answer is yes, if you are a hyper-Calvinist which states that everything that occurs in human history whether individually or collectively as a human family, is God’s will.

Exactly…God doesn’t cause suffering, but allows it. I believe internal suffering is sometimes used as a test such as being purged of the senses, or what St. John of the Cross calls “dark night of the senses”, in order that we might pursue God out of love alone because of who he is, not because of any interior gratification we may get from prayer etc. Physical suffering, whether accidental or not can also be a test, such as when I broke my collarbone in 3 places, or much more serious: someone battling cancer or a child who contracted HIV from the womb. There are a myriad of examples that can be used. God allows evil to happen in order for a greater good to come out of it. I suppose if you had stepped on the nail, and it caused you to reform your spiritual life that would be a perfect example.

God used painful experiences to teach lessons in ancient times. Why not now? Though He would probably not use a big consequence like tetanus to avoid a smaller one. But maybe He uses painless ways to get your attention and if you ignore them, he uses something a little more attention-getting. If you ignore that, I guess you’re on your own.

In one case, I consider that God allowed me to be hurt physically in order to spare me a greater kind of pain.

After tripping like a fool over a telephone cord in the middle of the floor and fracturing three toes (my own fault), I quite sincerely said, “Thank you, Jesus.”

Because I saw that I had been about to go into a “worrying jag” stressing out about things emotionally and wasting a lot of valuable time that could have been better spent on other things. The physical pain took my mind off the emotional pain and in fact, I found myself able to see the humor in the situation of my accident, hobble around as a “survivor,” and just get on with my life.

~~ the phoenix

If the show was totally OK, would you even have made the connection? Quit messing around…if your conscience is bothering you about the show, your conscience is bothering you. Listen to your conscience. Don’t try to make this out to be about whether or not God has a mean streak.

If a rock in the road happens to be what woke you up and kept you from going into the ditch, this is a good thing, and I don’t care what it did to your paint or whether God literally put the rock there. The main thing is to keep it between the lines. Be thankful for whatever helps you in that endeavor.

God will use any means to convey a message to you. However, in His economy of salvation, He uses resources very efficiently.

For example, I am a Christian because a young woman, a stranger, quite literally died in my arms. I happened to have been in this position because I had severely injured my knee several months earlier. Had that injury not happened, I would not have been there to help when the woman suffered her fatal injury.

Did God hurt me and kill this young (Catholic) woman just to get me to convert from Atheism? No. Or at least that was not His only reason. But God did use these events to set in motion a series of subsequent events, including a miraculous an supernatural experience, that lead to my conversion.

According to the Catholic idea of providence everything has some purpose. I recall in fact St. Paul saying something to the effect that everything is for the good for the person who serves God. But what that purpose is in a particular case, perhaps you can best.tell, if it can be known now at all in this life. If it didn’t involve a show that you should not have watched, perhaps for example it happened so that you can ask this question on Catholic Answers. Or perhaps it is for a reason we will not imagine.

I think you’re definitelly trying to tell yourself something, at least.

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