Would going to confession even matter if

the person was not a practicing catholic? Even though they were baptized as a baby, but not really a church going person for their adult life?

Im debating whether its worth it for me to go or not, I have not been to a confession since I was 10-11 yrs old (roughly), so basically about 30 or so yrs.

One has to make the first step. I was away from the church for 40 years. Divorced once. Remarried to a Divorced woman who was Baptist. Got the call from the Holy Spirit. Went to confession 3 times as I was making my way back to the Catholic Church. Couldn’t receive Communion, but went week after week getting blessings every time. My wife became curious about my Catholic beliefs. We went to the Crowning Of Mary. I saw my wife look in to Mary’s eyes as she laid a flower at her feet. She said something happened between her and Mary. She signed up for RCIA never thinking she would convert. I applied for an annulment. It was going slow. My wife needed an annulment from her first marriage. My wife committed to becoming Catholic. Three (3) weeks before Easter my annulment was granted. My wife’s first husband had died several years before. Our marriage was blessed the Saturday before Holy Week. My wife became Catholic Holy Saturday Night. We are both very active in our parish. We both serve dinner for RCIA. We both serve in Mass. I’m a KOC. My wife is the voice for the food pantry.

It all started by going to CONFESSION that first time.

God Bless You!


Yes. I was away from confession for 25 years and went back 15 years ago. You are a baptized Catholic and you can go to confession. I would recommend you research first on how to examine your conscience and what a firm purpose of amendment is. The story in Scripture about the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) is really the answer to your question. God doesn’t forgive you based on your past. He wants you to come home and He is waiting to run out with open arms. Yes, it would matter very much. God bless you.

Yes, it will be a great blessing. The fact that you’re considering it is a blessing from God. Try it and see!

Yes, it’s worth it. My first confession back started with “Father, please forgive me, it’s been 22 years since my last confession.”

Personally, I cried in the confessional… I really felt the weight of the world lifting off my shoulders as I felt the Lord’s Grace fill me.

If you have an iPhone or iPad; I highly recommend the MeaCulpa add (it’s free or dirt cheap) to help you prepare for confession. I use this app frequently.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

May the Lord give you the strength to return to the Sacraments. Amen

Yes. Take that life changing step. Don’t worry either…the priests come across this all the time, honest. You’re not alone. There have been some great stories posted here. I pray they inspire you to go. As the ad says…Just do it.
God bless.

I’m sorry, I don’t see any downside to going to confession.

It does matter, Christ gave His Church the authority to forgive sins, receiving the sacrament of reconciliation will provide you the assurance of God’s forgiveness.

What would be the upside of not going?

Be careful as you may not be allowed confession due to divorce without annulment or being in perpetual sin - Seek out a priest before confession so not to embarrass yourself

Take care,

I once heard a priest say in a homily that it made him very happy to hear someone enter the confessional and say that they haven’t been to confession in decades.

If you are at all apprehensive when you enter the confessional, tell the priest. Ask him at the onset to help you make a good confession.

Good luck and God bless. I’ll say a little prayer for you.

This is not correct.

If one is remarried illicitly but has repented and does not engage in sexual relations until the current marriage is regularized, he or she is welcome to the Sacraments.

@kenmiller, Sorry to have to say this, but you don’t know what you are talking about!

If someone has those things, they would confess it in the confessional. If the priest cannot grant absolution, he won’t.

But going to confession is still a help in a situation like this, it helps us work our way back to Grace. We can’t fix our situations until we make the first step and Confession is almost always that first step.

So I say go to Confession, don’t wait, just do it!

have to agree with everyone else before me here, kenmiller is not correct…I for one am divorced and have been going to confession ever since it happened in 2009…my annulment just came through this year but not once was I ever told that I couldn’t participate in that sacrament…

to the OP, please go…as one other respondent said, it feels like the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders…I try to go monthly and I feel 1000 % happier and more at peace when I do…

Prior to me coming back to the faith, I had gone about 10 years since my last confession, and no doubt I had probably committed a mortal sin within that time frame. Confession has really helped me, though, to take a good and honest look at myself, my passions, my sinful desires, everything that makes me tick, literally. And since I’ve been generally going about once a month for some time now, I can honestly say that it has really helped to pick me up each time, and put me back on track especially if I’ve started to slowly slip back into a sinful lifestyle. It truly has given me the grace to start again, and again, and again, after each confession. I feel refreshed each time, and feel that God gives me the grace to continue the battle, the fight, to be faithful to Him and to do my best to continue to serve Him all the days of my life.

So yes, I think it is worth it for u to go, and if u do decide to go at some point, and since u haven’t gone in some time, I would really recommend that u try to follow some kind of guide to making a good confession. Something like this would work: catholic.org/prayers/confession.php ~ It really is just a basic one, and I know there are a lot more detailed ones out there, but it works.

Please do your best to take care of yourself, physically and spiritually.

God bless. :slight_smile:

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