Would I be causing scandal?

Hi everyone,
I am going to a fan convention this Friday and Saturday. The convention is based around Korean music and Korean culture. I got tickets for my brother and I since we both love kpop and share the interest. We bond over it so I thought it would be fun to go. However, the majority of the kpop fanbase tends to have a very idolatrous nature towards being a fan of these Korean singers and bands. Throughout the convention there are many games and activities to participate in with other kpop fans. Such as dance games, panels, and even the opportunity to see kpop groups perform or meet them. However would my brother and I be presenting scandal in anyway by participating in these activities and interacting with other fans who tend to idolize the topic of the convention? I also worry that I am causing some type of at least indirect scandal by buying tickets to a convention that was literally made for fans of that nature and by giving it business every year, giving it money and support to stay open for it to do so. I already bought two unrefundable tickets so I don’t know how I would get out of it if I needed to haha. But on a serious note I just don’t want to encourage anyone to do anything bad. Even if it is in an indirect way. Thank you

I’d argue the same is true in American culture of our pop icons. We don’t find our own music festivals or concerts scandalous.

Go enjoy the convention. It’s not scandal. :slight_smile: As an added bonus, you may even be able to share the love of Christ with even more people who may not otherwise encounter it. :slight_smile:


No. Just don’t treat the kpop stars like they are gods (i.e. bowing down to them, saying you’re not worthy to be in their presence.) Just go out there and have some fun with your family, and if something doesn’t feel right to you at heart, then just don’t do it. God bless.


Just a comment on the bowing down thing : that’s just a common sign of respect in Korea. Everybody bows down at least to their parents and teachers on New Year’s day. I do too, to my in-laws, if I’m in Korea at that time of the year, with no worshipping intent.


That’s not what I mean. I mean like bowing down in worship like God is in front of you (on your knees with arms sticking out.)

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Yes, exactly. Going down on the knees (both for men, one for ladies) and prostrating oneself on the ground. That’s what I’m talking about.

ETA: that’s what I mean when I say it’s cultural. To us Westerners, it looks like a sign of worship, when it’s much more intended as a sign of respect for people we are indebted to or wise teachers.


Oh I did not know that. Thanks for telling me! :+1:


It’s not immoral to be a fan of something and to attend fan events. This applies to everything: music, football, cars, restaurants etc.

You’re not responsible for the fact that other people may go “over the top” in their fandom. Nor do you have to refrain from enjoying your hobbies because there might be someone else at the fan convention who is behaving in an idolatrous way towards the hobby.

It sounds like you’re getting a bit overscrupulous. Relax and enjoy.



I don’t think you understand the sin of scandal. I suggest reading the Catechism on the subject.

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At the risk of stealing @edward_george1’s thunder here, you seem to have a history of posting questions like this. You should speak to your priest, not to an anonymous message board.


Do you think you can help me understand it better? Thank you.

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