Would I sin if I miss this opportunity to go to Mass?

I’m 15 and earlier today I was volenteering at the stables as i do every week during the summer this summer and last summer, any way, I was talking to this girl who’s the same age as me, who’s quite devout. I mentioned that my parents don’t take me to Church often, although sometimes we go because the extended family is like easter or when my grandpa asks to, and lately my dad has been taking me sometimes, I don’t know why, I think it might be so I have an excuse to drive, (I hope to get my permit soon, and he wants me to start learning now, I live in the country so theres alot of road space.) But anyway, she asked if I recieve communion and I said no. She said it was a mortal sin to miss Mass, i said I knew that but I considered that my parents sin, not mine. (my mom was raised methodist and isn’t even baptized, and my dad was raised in a very Catholic home but fell away when he went to college and thinks all religions are man-made. He still beleives in God, but I guess he doesnt follow any organized religon.) I said I abstain for other reasons. She offered for her mom or her friends mom or something (don’t really remember what) that would take me. I said no, I plan to go when I can drive wether anyone else in my family wants to go or not. She said that now that I’m being offered a chance to go I’d be commiting sin by not going. the thing is I’m reluctant because I barely know her, and it sort of seems weird to me, (I have aspergers syndrome and social situations can be difficult for me sometimes, idk if that has anything to do with it, but maybe I just don’t like things like this because of that?) So am I commiting sin by not taking this chance?

Dear friend.

The Lord certainly has His hand on you. He has given you a spark of faith in the midst of a family that has none or very little. I encourage you to take advantage of her offer. Certainly, if you knew that you were going to die within the week, you would go with ANYONE who would make it possible to attend Mass. The fact is, you don’t know when He is going to call you home. None of us knows. Go to Confesssion and start attending Mass every Sunday. When you are able to drive there yourself, that will be fine. But don’t wait until then to receive Him. Your eternal life could be at stake. You are in my prayers. You may wirte to me privately if you like. Just click on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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