Would it be bad to go gambling on Ash Wednesday?


Would you be off to the casino boat, eating at the buffet, drinking, and smoking? Or is it a trivia night to benefit kids with cancer? The details are sort of important in this case. In general, one should stick to fasting, prayer, and spiritul activities on Ash Wednesday.


What Stitch said. The answer is in the details.

Just going to the local pub which have slot/poker machines and playing within my means

So this sort of entertainment wouldnt be advised on Ash wednesday?

::hmmm: I wouldn’t do it.

Fasting and abstinence are requirements for Ash Wed.

It should be up to you what forms of entertainment you want to enjoy or refrain.

It is not a Holy Day of obligation.

You probably could, then. But, as it’s Ash Wednesday, you could be doing better things.

In a way, every day is Ash Wednesday. We can always be giving more glory to God.

What can i do more like that?

gambling has taken over me and its like all i wanna do with my life is gamble

I would advise you not too. Ash Wednesday is an important day. We should be fasting, going to Mass, getting ashes, and praying. It’s the beginning of Lent after all.

May I suggest giving up gambling for Lent? :thumbsup:

Yes it would be good if i could take church life more seriously

instead of being like a pig who wallows in the mud

why cant i care?

then get help by contacting gamblers anonymous. This is a serious addiction that should not be ignored.


So, are you serious? If so, you left that important part out of your question: “Would it be bad to go gambling on Ash Wed?”

If that is true, you should seek help for the addiction.

(and I take back my statement that “It should be up to you what forms of entertainment you want to enjoy or refrain.” I had not factor in that you suffered from an addiction…just spending a few minutes with friends, enjoying spending a few dollars on the slot machines at the pub…as you said within your means… addiction would not be “within anyone’s means”. )

I am offering a prayer for you.


I would say yes because it is a very important day. Maybe you could gamble tommorow instead, since it is Fat Tuesday?

I go very often to play neally everyday but im not blowing all my money or putting myself in debt or failing to pay to survive

Thats why i dont get the Catechism which says gambling is not an evil ,and says it think thats its okay to play

but i see gambling ruins lives and families and when i lose i feel i want to die and think about ending my life although i dont think i would do such a thing but i think of the possibilty of not stopping and in the long run things like this do become a reality

If it ruins and ends so many lives i dont get how the church says its ok to gamble ,which only makes me feel that its okay to go and play and that im not sinning

Thanks for prayers…

its tuesday today here and i went to play already and was disgusted to lose again
at the moment ive decided im not going tommorow and MUST cut this lame habit down

Ive been a few times but at times im very unsociable and the people there are very very sociable and laugh their heads off before the meetings etc ,i thought they would be more serious

The Church also teaches us that alcohol is OK, in moderation, because that is the truth. It is not OK, however, for an alcoholic. An alcholic cannot moderate him/herself.

There is nothing inherently sinful about a game of chance. It is not OK, however, for a gambling addict. A gambling addict cannot moderate him/herself.

That is what you are. An addict. Do not make excuses about the people at the gamblers anonymous meetings not being to your liking. You are an addict and you need help.

I said before that i feel i being moderate because im not blowing all my money and although i may go very often ,i set myself a particular amount and thats it

How many people drink one beer or a glass of wine each night at dinner,just because they drink everyday does that mean their an addict?

i may play everyday but with a small amount,

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