Would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

With all the problems we see, in the news & posted on CAF weekly/monthly, created by most men’s high sex drive, would it be better if God created males with zero sex drive?

Problems such as:

  • Addiction to Porn
  • Seeking out Prostitutes
  • Staying Chase before Marriage
  • Struggling with NFP after children

If God designed men with everything the same just no sex drive seems like everyone would be happier or the FDA approved that laser procedure to zap that part of the male brain that controls the drive. No cutting or eliminating bodily function just short circuiting some brain waves.

The FDA procedure is ready to go and the Federal Gov. says it has few unintended side effects.

Men (like women) are created in the image and likeness of God. Men are not meant to be slaves to a sinful fallen nature.

If we begin to treat our fellow human beings with that kind of dignity, if we as parents both teach and model that respect to our children, we can change the world. We must strive to be like Christ, all of us, and we are required to help our brothers and sisters get to heaven.

Not sure I am following your line of thought here, kage, It just seems if men had no sex drive their would be no sexual sins and it seems everyone would be much happier.

Sex is a beautiful gift from God! Denying that gift would NOT solve all the problems of sin in this world!

Any gift from God can be taken to a sinful excess… but that doesn’t mean the gift is inherently wrong.

I agree with kage_ar… if we can teach and influence others to recognize what a glorious GIFT our sexuality is, then that’s a good start!
But taking away that glorious gift is not what God intended.

You could make this point with any aspect of human nature. With all the problems we see every day in the world, wouldn’t it have been better if God didn’t give us free wills? Of course not, because by our wills we are able to love God and be in a relationship with Him.

The problem is not with sex or the sex drive. It’s the disorder in the soul that makes us sin in our sexuality. God gives us the grace to overcome these disorders through Christ, in his holy Church. I’m not saying that transformation is easy, or that Christians (like me!) don’t royally screw up. I just don’t think the way to overcome sin is to zap your brain waves. It’s a material solution to a spiritual problem.

Karol Wojtyla (JPII) wrote a book called Love and Responsibility that might be of interest to you.

If men did not have the drive to reproduce that we do, the human race might not still be around.

That said, yes, it needs to be “mastered”. As a product of the fall, our sinful nature combines with a God-given desire/urge to create to produce a burden/cross for some men.

God doesn’t make mistakes. Sex drives can be used for bad, but that is a result of sin, not God’s creation. Wanting to zap all males to change what God created just because it can be used in the wrong way is ridiculous. :shrug:


Sex is good!

The perversion of Sex (or “anything” else for that matter) is what’s evil.

God made SEX. All things that God made are Good.
Be it physical or metaphysical.

[SIGN]Its human minds that twist good into evil… and always for their own selfish purpose.[/SIGN]

Nothing wrong with sharing intimate moments within a marriage, and benefiting in the release of daily stress and or solidifying the bond between a man and a women who are married?
Making babies between a man who desires his wife is also very good and enriching for that family!

Your probably for gun control as well…lol (kidding)

But hey, if someone you know needs that laser procedure, because things have gotten so bad and out of control – then for sure… go for it.

By using your same logic, women would have to have their voice boxes removed because it is mostly women who gossip (which is the sin of bearing false witness against one’s neighbor). Heck, women are the one’s who purchase the tabloids at the check-out counter. As others have stated, sex is morally good within the right context. It’s those of us will free will and a fallen nature that distort it (Satan also played a big role in distorting what God made good).

If men had no sex drive, and women continued to have sex drive, the genetic pool would be smaller but stronger. The reason for that is since men are generally faster and stronger than women, only women who could run very very fast and were very very strong would be able to catch and bring down a man for the purpose of pro-creation.

Of course there would be other impacts as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it the same hormones that give men their sex drives that causes them to be hunters and warriors? IF that is correct, then the women would have to take over those responsibilities as well as the sexual responsibilities. Now you have hunting warriors with babies on their back, while the men lay around the fires like fat fixed cats.

To finish what my thought from earlier - the problem is not a sex drive, the problem is sin.

We do not treat others and ourselves with dignity, sex is a fun game in this world.

Men are great the way God made them. We need to help the men live lives avoiding sin.

I know I am not answering the OP and I am sorry about this,

but one thing that perturbs me (and I don’t think the OP is assuming this, I’m just digressing a hair) is that why don’t people consider that there are a lot of WOMEN are struggling with sexual purity and lust the way men are? Women may not be visual the way men are but frankly they struggle with the same (if not similar) sexual issues sometimes too.

It’s all about men’s “needs” but what about women’s struggles with sex drives? Men aren’t the only ones with needs…after all it takes two.

Sorry if this is all so defensive or anything:) I just wonder sometimes if the Christian church is more attentive to males’ struggles with lust and sexual thoughts than women’s struggles. I sometimes suspect that people think that women can survive these struggles and deal with it more easily than men. Well news flash: they are wrong.

I am so glad you posted that point as it is important to remember. Men and women are created in the image and likeness of God, and the relationship between husbands and wives should mimic the love that God has for His people. While both men and women have sex drives, generally speaking a healthy male has a higher sex drive and is always fertile and easily aroused, while healthy women are generally more fickle, not always in the mood and not always fertile.

God designed human sexuality as the way He uses to create human bodies and souls. A strong, healthy male sex drive is great! It reflects how much God desires and loves humanity–in *all *senses of the word love. (The Bible tells a story of the erotic love of God for His people in the Psalm of Psalms.) Because sex is so great, the misuse of sex is a serious abuse. The devil recognizes that sex is great–which is why he tempts so many people (both male and female) to commit sexual sins. Yet when used properly with chastity, God uses our human sex drives to impart both natural and supernatural life.

Let me just say… the problem with men’s sex drives is that it seems to be very destructive when it gets out of control and sinful. All I see on t.v. are bad things happening to women, by men. Even if it doesn’t look like it has anything to do with sex at first, it seems that upon investigation, they always find either hidden porn addiction or adultery involved. Heck, look at the story about the man who used his own daughter for sex for 25 years, having 7 children with her and locking her in a dungeon!! He said he did it, because his wife became ill and could not give him sex anymore!

Did you hear about nuns being involved in any sex scandals? I only heard about the priests. It just sometimes seems as if it is so difficult for men to control this urge that it affects every other part of their life as well. Look at all those darn sex offenders on the internet being caught on that news program looking for helpless and naive little girls and boys!

I don’t think we should take the sex drive away from men, or change what God created, but you have to admit, there is something wrong in this world right now with men and their sexual temptations. :mad:

Cool! a way to be drugged up without the drugs…:rolleyes: And who makes the determination of who gets “fixed” and who doesn’t?
I see a new movie is just around the corner… “The Stepford Husbands.”? Sheesh!

I can not deny the problems. but lining up all men and “zapping” them is not the answer. We need to take back control of our world. We’d ALL be better off if we had the social structure to follow God rather than “what feels good to us”.

I completely agree with you and stated in my post that I do not believe all men should be “zapped” either. It just seems that either these problems are getting worse or just better reported! There is definitely a problem with the way our society has begun to conduct itself!

I absolutely agree, as most others here do, that Human Sexuality is a sacred gift from God. Am not suggesting eliminating Marital Embrace, just wondering about eliminating the strong desire in men and what the out come might look like?

I don’t have time to read this entire thread, but my suggestion is that you look at the Materials of Dr. Janet Smith. She explains what contraception has done to our sexuality. It is unbelievable!!

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