Would it be morally acceptable to bring Neanderthals back to life?


If biologists came up with the technology and resources needed bring a Neanderthal back to life, should they do it? Neanderthals are our distant cousins in the history of our bodily evolution. They are very similar to us biologically. If scientists were really able to bring a Neanderthal back to life, wouldn’t we deny that they have spiritual souls like us and that they only have animal souls?


Also, what about other extinct species such as the Wooly Mammoth?




While it is morally acceptable to believe in evolution, it is not to believe in the evolution of humans–at least not to the point where one believes that at some point humans didn’t have souls and or were anything else except human. Neanderthals were human too. They made tools and buried their dead. They had souls the same way we do. As to bringing people back to life via science, I do not believe there is official doctrine on this.


I do not think we would be bring anyone back to life; what it seems we would do is cloning. This would bring a new and separate life into being. For humans, cloning is immoral as it involves starting human life in a way other than that decreed by God.


I was under the impression that people of European origin already had some amount of Neanderthal DNA floating around in them, so surely the question of “bringing them back” is somewhat moot. And the next time you’re at the beach and see a guy with a really hairy back, you’ll know that I’m right.


On what basis do you have to make these claims? What Church documents claim this? Neanderthals are a different species from Homo Sapiens.


Are you saying Adam and Eve were Neanderthals?


I believe they found a certain amount of neanderthal DNA in people from all over the globe, it is contained in the DNA that is not used right now, Ive wondered about this before, seems strange we all have DNA that is not currently being used, maybe at some point, we as a race will need to evolve and develop new things in order to survive, just like animals do?


In order that we might not get banned, I will state that evolution is a banned topic.

God Bless


This is a good one,
Which of homo sapiens “cousins” had immortal souls and so were humans? (Perhaps we can’t be sure now? Some animals, such as monkeys use tools.)
If Neanderthals did not have immortal (and so rational) souls, they were, actually animals, and there would be no problem bringing them back. If they were actually human, scientists, first, would do whatever they chose, and then the Church would have react and make a statement in the matter. In this case, it would be like the children with three parents who may be created–the Church will have to say something after it begins.
Which is to say, too, right now for myself I don’t know if it is morally acceptable or not.


There was this great documentary that came out a several years ago called “Jurassic Park.” I think it addresses the wisdom of doing such a thing.



I think you just planted the seed for an idea for another sequel! Neanderthal Park.

I hope they can get Sam Neill involved again.


Kind of odd classing them as animals considering we could mate with them.

Hypothetically, let’s say there was a present day Neanderthal and she was able to pass as a modern woman. If you had a child together (you can work out any scenario in which that could happen yourself), then would the child be human? And would it have a soul?


Nobody’s bringing anybody back to life.

Dead bodies, however well frozen, do not remain “lifeable.” A frozen body from 1847 was found, who almost looked alive, but his cells were too deteriorated to ever hold life again.

Maybe Neanderthal DNA could be cloned, and that would be immoral enough as it would require maternal surrogacy, etc; but it wouldn’t bring anybody back alive.

So no issue.



Short answer: No!




It also shows that modern scientists and experts jump blindly into things they know little about just because they CAN, this is so apparent in our world its almost silly…we are rushing head first into many different ‘technologies’ only because we have the ability, they dont think about the ‘what ifs’, they only want to see what happens if they do it.


Jimmy Akin is great at considering such hypothetical propositions, maybe he’ll drop in and take a shot at this.


I know that there was a SciFi film called Jurassic Park. Was there also a documentary?


Surely you don’t really believe in Neanderthals?

Do you believe God made Neanderthals in His image?


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