Would it be right to join a union that

  1. supports abortion
  2. supports homosexual indoctrination
  3. has taken legal action against freedom of religion in the past, all the way to the supreme court

Even if you yourself, as a dues paying member of this union, did not support these things?

I would think it would be financially supporting these things and you would be a number in their group showing support maybe not fully intentionally… I personally couldin’t do it.

I personally wouldn’t care it wouldn’t bother my conscience.

No! I would not want to financially support such a group.

If this is something optional you are looking into, I would strongly advise against it. If it is something you have to do to keep your job, then I think the circumstances are different. :shrug:

I would discuss this with a priest. You are basically asking for spiritual direction here.

it’s better then being at the mercy of the bourgeois employers.

Back in the day when I had to be a member of the mafia er Union There was a loophole the unions did not want you to know about. It turned out that I could designate my union dues go to a charity of my choosing.

You might want to check into that. Unions will probably not tell you about it. I found out about it when I rose a stink that they were making me contribute to political candidates and positions I was against by using my dues to donate to them.

What unions don’t fit this description? Do you have a choice? Some shops are closed.

As a teacher who has taught in several states I have been required by law to be in a union in one, no choice there so I just never participated in any activities. In another state that had a union but it did not have bargaining rights I refused to join as it was part of a larger, national union that supported all that you have mentioned. I received a call from the local president asking me why I would not join and I told him that I would not be a part of an organization that supported abortion. He replied, “well certainly you support a woman’s right to choose” and I replied, well obviously I don’t.

So tolerate killing babies as long as you get gold-plated employee benefits?

The thing is that the unions want to brainwash members into thinking the big bad employer (that puts the food on their tables) is the bad guy. Unions have starved and kept poor way more than they have helped.
How is Detroit doing these days? When unions get greedy they become worse than the employer could ever be. Ensuring that they will always be needed.
Unions served a purpose, and a virtuous one at that. But now, they are seedy, greedy, fear mongers. That is how they keep their power.

No…do not join if you have a choice.

Actually it’s the worker’s that put the food on the tables and Detroit is the result of many things including Capitalism.

Oh yeah, I forgot about capitalism.:rolleyes:

You can think what you will but unions have become the very thing they were created to defend against. Bullies who take advantage of people and brainwash them into accepting a mediocre life and a mediocre life for their kids. (whatever kids make it out of the womb)

that depends on what you think mediocre is but as for me I live for God not money and success.

One does not need to be exclusive to the other. But lets look at living for God while promoting unions, (modern unions) Teachers are part of a union. A union that supports killing unborn children. FUTURE JOBS FOR TEACHERS! As a grocery worker in college I had to be part of a union, one that told me how to vote and sent letters to me telling me about how evil Politicians were. We had a great boss. A single owner store. He paid us for out whole shift even if we got out early, he had parities and Christmas gifts for us and our families. If you had the day off and you wanted to go to the baseball game, his season tickets were yours. He would give you vacation pay even when you were out of vacation.

He wrote the schedule by hand in pencil and posted it on Fridays. Union rules said it had to be posted by noon. One day a union rep came in at 2 and it was not posted. He tried to tell us how mistreated we were. How we needed to fight the man! And how the owner was taking advantage of us.

It was silly, but they had to keep us thinking they were protecting us from big bad corporate america. They are so short sighted and will risk a thousand jobs to give a dollar more an hour to their paying dupes.

Unless you are in baseball or football or basketball, those unions are legit! They protect those poor millionaire athletes. They cover failed drug tests and strike to gain leverage.

The one thing that always amazed me was the idea of unions promoting “just showing up” All you had to do was work a certain number of hours and then you would “earn” the next level! Had my wife and I stayed with a union we would never have been able to move up and afford the life we have now. We would be working in the factory down the street telling our kids to stay away from college and make sure you get hired on ASAP so you can pull your pension at 90. :rolleyes:

Unions are necessary for the proletariat in this Capitalist society. Abortion is bad but I’m not a one issue voter and he was right the proletariat has to rise up and fight the bourgeoisie.

Abortion is bad but… Is never followed by anything of substance.

I’m a Christian Socialist I used to be a Marxist Leninist and a member of the Communist party USA but left the party because it was too reformist and wasn’t as socialist as I would like. I’m still a Marxist Leninist except I don’t agree with the anti religion tenents other then that I’m still a Marxist Leninist.

You can’t be socialist and Christian at the same time. They are mutually exclusive belief systems. Socialism has unequivocally been condemned by the Church.

You have a choice to make, choose Christ and His Church, or choose socialism and the state as your god.

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