Would It Be Simony?


Hello. :slight_smile: It is possible to gain a plenary indulgence by praying a Rosary blessed by a bishop or the Pope on the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. There is this website where you can buy a Rosary, and they will have it blessed by the Pope free of charge.

My question is: Would I be guilty of simony if I bought a Rosary to be blessed by the Pope solely to gain the indulgence?

God bless you for answering my question. :blessyou:


Your intent would be to purchase an item that is blessed by the bishop. It does not matter if you can “technically” purchase a pre-blessed item that will be blessed after you hit the order button. Your intent would be simony. :slight_smile:


Well, it’s almost a year away, so it’s certainly not an urgent matter. But my opinion is rather simple: I would never buy anything of the kind from a website. No, it’d not really be simony, but (and forgetting the special indulgence), who knows when, much less the more import IF, the item was actually blessed? Better, I think, (not to mention less expensive), to get you own rosary and, for Ss Peter & Paul, take it to a bishop to be blessed. No muss, no fuss, and you know it was done. :slight_smile:


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