Would it be sinful to steal a rosary from a deceased man's coffin?

I’ve heard it’s been done. Stealing is stealing but the deceased would have no use for it.


And a rich man may have no use for his money, but it is a sin to steal it. :rolleyes:

Stealing anything from a dead person – particularly from the coffin – is just vile. VILE.

It was somewhat widely reported in 2014 that Pope Francis, earlier in his life when he was in Argentina, “stole” the rosary cross (this was first reported as him having stolen the whole rosary) from the hands of a deceased priest who was a well-known and loved confessor. His reason was that this priest, when administering absolution, had the penitent kiss the cross on his rosary, and thus this cross had seen “so much mercy.” Apparently Pope Francis has kept this cross and wears it in his clothing every day, as a symbol of mercy. Not sure if this is what prompted the OP.

Of course it’s a sin. Stealing is stealing.

Wondering the same thing.

This was widely reported last year after the Pope spoke of it:

““I’ll tell you why Bergoglio took the rosary from Fr. Aristi’s coffin””


I’m amazed at the weird questions people ask! :eek:

I agree stealing is a sin & stealing from a coffin IS “vile.” :tsktsk:

Let’s remember that “There is no theft if consent can be presumed” (Catechism 2408).

Pope Francis knew this priest well and perhaps he presumed that he would have no issue in his taking the cross. It is different than ordinary grave-robbing.

I’m sorry, underacloud, I really, *really *disagree. This comes across as “it’s OK if the Pope does it.”

The Catechism says what it says, but that seems more akin to “I borrowed Mr. X’s car without asking, and because I borrowed it before with his consent, I could do so again now.”

A dead person can’t consent to anything.

Taking ANYTHING from a COFFIN is just vile, and I don’t care who does it.

We should respect the dead, as we are future victims with them.

Not to mention, the family would not be happy with you, to say the least.


Stealing is not defined by the victim’s ability to absorb the loss; it is taking something that does not belong to you.

I didn’t say it’s definitely ok, but just providing a different perspective that might change the moral assessment. Only the Pope himself really knows whether he presumed consent or decided to take it anyway.

Certainly a dead person cannot give consent, but the question is whether they would have, to the best of our judgement.


Why would you need a rosary so bad as to take it from a dead man’s hands?

How would this be different, morally, from stealing a gold cross or the like from around the body’s neck?

Stealing is stealing.


this is a troll post

Yes, it would be.

I have heard of people wanting to be buried with their favorite Rosary, or their favorite pieces of jewelry, and I have heard of people taking jewelry off of the deceased. I think that that is reprehensible to do that.

Vile. Yes. Disgusting too.

The “need” is for the family, and shows an enormous of disrespect for his loved ones.

nah,. the OP is a “regular”.

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