Would it be stealing to watch spiderman 3 on your computer?

Would it i think it would be

It’s “stealing” if you steal the movie. If you buy the DVD or Blu-ray then you can watch it on your computer whenever you like.

By the way, I’ve gone down that path already. It seemed at the time that 1980s computer games were totaly worth stealing. I NEEEDED THEM!!! In hindsight? Not so much. :wink:

It’s copyright infringement. Stealing makes the work less accessible to others (you remove it to take it for yourself). So while it’s not quite the big deal the studios and the recording industry is making of it, it’s still not particularly upstanding.

It would only morally be stealing if you would of paid money to see it or buy it if the piracy option were not avaible.

(I saw SP3 first day it came out (yesterday) its the greatest movie ever made! :smiley: )

As love says, you can watch it on your computer if your purchase the DVD or via iTunes or some other online source in a few months when it’s available. If you illegally download it through a sharing program…then yes, that’s stealing.

I know that the justification is always, “well, they make a gazillion dollars anyway on the movie so I have a right to do this.”

No…we don’t. That’s the kind of behavior that hurts the film industry so that they do have to raise ticket prices!

Someone else who did abandonware? Haha, I did that too. Then I actually bought Darklands on the original CD after I realized “Hey this is stealing”. Then I realized how lame these games actually were for my jaded PS2 palate. Abandonware is overrated.

No, I was refering to pirating games durring the 80’s. Back then, those video games were brand new. Movies like Return of the Jedi were blockbusters, and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) was a beauty.

The point is, movies and videogames you steal now will seem laughably outdated in a few years.

(But don’t knock em till you try em. [Star Control ]](“http://sc2.sourceforge.net/”) remains one of the greatest games of all time and it’s been released for free to drum up publicity for a possible Star Con 4 release.)

So you’re the reason that I had to do all those frickin’ copy protection puzzles in my King’s Quest games (I bought 7 and then the 1-6 collection when I was seven or eight). :wink:

Do you mean the second word of the third sentence of the fourth paragraph on page 19 or the third posessive adjective of the second interrigative clause that follows the third dangling participle within chapter xiv? :confused:

Yes, watching a movie online that was not given to you personally for free by the source or that you did not pay for is stealing. That would make you a thief.:wink: No amount of theorizing or exceptions would make it not so. Hope that helps.:slight_smile:

Yes it would be stealing…
But on another note, seeing it on the computer for the first time wouldn’t give it justice anyhow. That’s the kind of movie you really have to see on the big screen. Get a bunch of friends together and go to the movies and see it the right way :smiley: …trust me on this one, I saw it at the drive in this weekend.

I see somebody else had the same problem.

I don’t want to argue that stealing movies is wrong. This is how I see it. It is important to note that all of the major TV networks are now streaming their tv shows online for FREE via their websites. Usually an company will sponsor the show and it will play a small commerical several times durring the webcast, so it is not stealing. The company and artists are still paid and it gives the show an wider viewer base. I am not aware of any movie companies that offer free viewing of their moives so watching them online or copying them is stealing unless they offer them for free.
What I am not shure about is websites that offer short viedo cilps of copyrighted media, this has to be wrong?

Not necessarily, If the source has released these clips, it is usually for marketing purposes, like an online trailer of sorts. I could also be misreading what you are trying to say…

yep, except the one or two filmmakers who authorise it… which is basically only Michael Moore of cause.

There are actually now legal movie download services (like this one), but there is a fee. And I don’t think Spidey 3 will be available on such services while it is still in theaters. Certainly, it will be several months before it is available that way.

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