Would it be suitable for a very shy person to become a nun?

If a person were very shy, could this be an impediment to suitability for the religious life? By this I mean a person who is quiet and reserved by nature, but also with the tendency toward dislike of social situations and social awkwardness.

All of the nuns who I have met in the past have been very outgoing and charismatic. On one congregation’s website I have seen as part of the requirements, “some social life experience”. Does that mean that a person has to have had a vivid social life before she can consider becoming a nun? Might this be necessary because otherwise she might not know what she is getting into/giving up, or because there is the risk of an underlying motive to run away from the world?

No, I don’t think it would be…

I think what they’re getting at here is that:
A. You’re not a shut-in.
B. You’ve experienced a somewhat normal life (i.e. you’re not sheltered to the point of being unable to hold normal conversation), without being the opposite extreme (a wild child, so to speak).
and, most importantly
C. You’re both willing (and able) to live the community lifestyle demanded by the vocation.

What the various religious orders, congregations or societies want to know is that the person is running TO Jesus (as expressed in their charism) and not running AWAY from the world.

Community life is not necessarily “safe.” It can be very challenging and requires considerable maturity.

These questions could best be answered by the vocation directress of the communities for which a prospective member is seeking entrance. Only the vocation directress can specifically address how a particular personality type would fit in with that particular community. If God is calling a person to consecrated life, He will provide the graces needed to live that life.

I would think that a certain amt. or shyness/reservation or thoughtfullness would be good, esp. in semi-colstered coummunities. Please visit my site for mature vocations. Truegrit

What matters is not any particular facet of your personality, but rather the intensity of love in your heart. The contemplatives of the various orders live away from society, and must possess an ability to function interactively in a closed, and tightly knit community. As well, you are speaking of yourself only as you are now. Once your charism is fully realized, you will be a changed person. As to just how, and to what degree, the Lord knows and is waiting to hear from you as you discern your vocation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting as many religious orders as attract you. Your Priest will be able to offer spiritual guidance, and your Archdiocese has a vocations director who can also point you in the right direction. You are added to my prayers for vocations.

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