Would it be wrong for a Catholic to receive communion at a protastant church?

Would it be wrong for a Catholic to receive communion at a protestant church?
I am debating with family and friends over this and we are curious on what your take would be. The two central arguments is that by receiving communion at a protestant church you would be professing the beliefs and practices of that church just like going for communion at a Catholic Church is a profession of our faith. On the other side is that we are receiving a symbol of the community and nothing more then that etc.…
Thank you for all you do!

Catholics should not receive communion in Protestant communities.

The Catholic faithful, therefore, while respecting the religious convictions of these separated brethren, must refrain from receiving the communion distributed in their celebrations, so as not to condone an ambiguity about the nature of the Eucharist and, consequently, to fail in their duty to bear clear witness to the truth.

  • Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Ecclesia de Eucharista
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