Would Jesus support gay marriage?


Nicely said.

God gave the authority to the Church to speak his mind. He is quite clear on this issue. Jesus said: be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. That means, on one hand, don’t let your desires drive you.


Stop for a minute. Think.

Rewrite the question as this.

Would Jesus support anal sex.

How is it that we have fallen so far that we cannot see the absurdity of our own time?

Stop letting the culture control the Gospel and the debate. If Elton John had said He believes Jesus supports anal sex. It would be laughable. (perhaps not in this day and age, sadly)
As it is, it boarders on insulting, blasphemy.

But everyone continues on thinking that Gay Marriage is about a “cute” older couple visiting antique shops in Vermont and holding hands.:rolleyes: It isn’t.


The problem is that marriage between a man and a woman has been such a fundamental building block of society (all societies throughout history) that marriage is both a religious and civil matter. So we don’t have civil union contracts recognized by the state covering specific legally binding obligations. We have states providing a marriage license in many cases recognizing that marriage as having been administered by a designated official of a religious organization. But the state issues guidelines and legal obligations applicable to all the ‘marriages’, including obligations in terms of the resulting children. Which is why societies have always had marriage and the family at their core, the parents raising the children to be integrated into society, its laws, customs etc. So, we’ve mixed a civil matter with a religious one.

A better political solution would be for the state to administer civil union contracts for all partnerships. Where the contract, like any other legal contract, specifices the responsibilites of the parties including dissolution of the contract and penalties in the event of a breach of the contract ( as opposed to the no fault divorce system in the majority of the US today which often rewards the person violating the marital obligations). The state no longer recognizing or defining general legal obligations of a marriage, just individuals joining into mutually agreed upon contracts. Marriage could then be reserved for the ceremony/sacrament in which the individuals participate. With how those individuals live out the obligations of their religion towards marriage.

No. Jesus would not support gay marriage. He was very specific about what a marriage is and never alluded to it covering anything other than a heterosexual relationship.




So-called gay ‘marriage’ is NOT a civil rights issue. It is not a secular issue. It is not a political issue. It is a question of truth. What marriage is. . .and is not.

So people might try to argue that it is ‘one or more’ of the above and try to ignore that it’s about whether something is true, or false, but they are either deluded or deluding others. . .

And for the record, it is absolutely not ‘loving’ to encourage or applaud people to call a lie the truth, or send them off to do evil while calling it good.


The problem, partially, is the definition of marriage. Marriage is a religious sacrament and should not be for governments to declare. Therefore, saying this is a Civil Rights issue isn’t completely effective, as the government does not have the right to instill marriages. We are called to be the Salt and the Light of the Earth. If we do not stand up for Christ’s teachings and those of the Church, who else is going to do it? It is our moral obligation to stand up for Christian teaching and Christian theology, even in a secular world.

I acknowledge your argument that the Church should leave government out of marriage and I do agree, but I also think that the fact that they continually call it “marriage” when it’s not is half of the problem.


No. I do not agree with solutions that draw a sharp distinction between “religious marriage” and “secular marriage.” Marriage is marriage. For Christians, it is raised to the level of a sacrament (with the graces that go along with that), but the basic definition of marriage does not change based on a person’s faith.


It’s easy:

God is Love

All you need is Love

if 2 people TRULY LOVE each other, mind body soul, this is a GOOD thing, the best of things and

absolutely YES Jesus would support it.


Would Jesus support habitual drunkenness?

Does Jesus love habitual drunks?

Would Jesus work to transform an habitual drunk?

Jesus loves me as a weak human being. His love will transform me, whatever the weakness.


Love is not reducible to sexual relationships. Engaging in sex outside the proper context is not indicative of true love.


Right. Jesus certainly loves us all. That’s why He came and suffered and died for us. But that doesn’t mean we can do no wrong. Jesus came and ate and dined with sinners. But he told them “Go and sin no more”, not “Go and sin some more.”

Our God is a God of infinite and unfathomable mercy. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. We constantly fall short. Every day we fall short. And He loves us still. But that doesn’t turn something sinful into something not sinful. It just means we have hope for forgiveness and salvation even in spite of our sins.


Joe 5859

I was trying to say that when I was younger I was blind in many areas.

I was impaired in the area of love or morality.

God has transformed my blindness and impaired vision in the area of love (morality).

Chastity is beautiful.

Unchaste behavior is ugly.

I was trying to say, many people are love impaired in these areas.

I was trying to say, Jesus will make them grow.


Ah, I see. Good points.



I believe that when the Holy Bible tells us we are blind, it means in the area of love.

God will make us grow in the manner in which rain, sun, soil, DNA, and fertilizer will make my corn, wheat and grapes grow,

As the second Eucharistic prayer said and says: make us grow in love; bring our charity to fulfillment.


The Church is the continued presence of Jesus in the world. So would he support taking sexual complimentary out of marriage? Of course not b/c he has already answered it through his Church.


No, Jesus upheld the Law, and the Law condemns homosexual activity, completely. Jesus didn’t need to talk about it, since it wasn’t even a possibility- a total non-issue. He isn’t on record as having discussed bestiality either- does that mean He would support it?

This is part of the satanic rant by Elton John and others. Elton John, who is on record as saying that “Jesus was gay.” May the Lord have mercy on Elton John’s soul.

Parenthetically, does anyone remember when the title “Sir” actually meant something, as in meritorious service to country and/or humanity? These days any rock and roll singer who lives long enough seems to be considered for “knighthood.”:shrug: Perhaps Keith Richards will be next…


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