Would just like your feedback on my site...please?

whileinexile.blogspot.comI have a site that I’ve just recently started focusing more toward as I see it as a means (however small) of evangelization. Please visit…read a bit…tell me what you honestly think.
Many thanks! God bless you richly!:coffeeread:

very nice…im now following you:D

Overall, a very good blog! :thumbsup:

A few comments:

  1. The current latest entry splashes a large, bright picture (the magnifying glass) in front of the viewer. It’s the first thing one notices, and is just confusing. After reading the blog entry (which is very good!), it makes sense, but the visual impressionis is confronting.

  2. The entries are good - well written, not too long, and have a personal story or insight which is worth reading.

  3. The colors and layout are nice. I felt there was too much brown - I sensed the “calm” impression you were trying to give, but there is also slightly “down” feeling. Perhaps use a lighter brown, with some texture through it.

  4. When a blogger tells me that I must watch a video on their blog, I almost invariably don’t! Despite that rule, I did watch “Amish Grace”, and was glad that I did. There is nothing in this world that is so new and important that your readers must watch it, or read it.

Nice work!


Thanks so much. I appreciate your honest feedback.

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