Would Lifetime ever air a potential documentary entitled "Surviving Theodore McCarrick"?

Lifetime has already aired Surviving R. Kelly, and the cable channel is slated to show Surviving Jeffrey Epstein this coming summer.

You would need to find a production company who is interested in this project. Networks buy what production companies make.

What makes you think that anyone here would know?

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Wouldn’t be surprised. The media hates the Church and would jump on an opportunity to paint it in a bad light.

Fittingly enough, McCarrick isn’t “sexy” enough to sell. Nobody knows who he is, and nobody cares. And, I don’t think any women were abused by him, so Lifetime probably wouldn’t buy it even if someone made it.


I hope they never do. The last thing the church needs is more attention on some of our darkest moments. Then again, perhaps it shouldn’t be swept under the rug either.

As a kind of side point, but still relevant, if you haven’t seen the movie Spotlight, see it. Very well done.

I do admit that Lifetime has traditionally been aimed towards women.

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Lifetime is a channel pitching its content at women who like to watch movies about other women in abusive/ dangerous situations. It’s not going to be the one to air a doc on an old priest who abused boys. Its audience doesn’t want to watch that.

Even if it were some other network, McCarrick hasn’t faced any sort of criminal charges and he’s still alive. This creates a whole host of legal issues in trying to make a documentary accusing him of stuff. R. Kelly is facing sex abuse charges with a court trial coming up soon, and Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of sex offenses and is now dead.

if McCarrick died then it’s possible one might see a Keepers-type show on some network other than Lifetime.

What do you mean by “a Keepers-type show”?

Did you watch The Keepers? A show like that.

The main priest offender discussed was already dead (as was the second priest offender mentioned in a more minor tone) and had allegedly abused young people of both genders who were interviewed on the show.

Which outlet was it originally associated with?

Netflix I think. There are past threads about it on the forum.
It was rather a big deal at the time.

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