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I am interested in finding friends with common views and also to help me get closer to God. I live in Utah where the majority of the people are Mormon. But I really want friends who are more catholic by acts, not by title alone. What I mean is, there are catholics here in Utah who don’t abide by church laws or go to mass or anything like that. I want to learn how to read the bible and pray the rosary. I try to but I get so tired at night. I used to be friends with a nun before she died a few years ago and I think that would be one of my best options. Thing is, I am really shy. Any ideas?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, 'cause here we all are!

There are Rosaries to be prayed online. I’ll try and get at least one link for you.

Rosary online (from where I used to live!

And EWTN broadcasts its own Rosary several times a day (different programs).

Do the parishes/churches near you hand out Rosaries? They usually come with a little how-to booklet.

Or I bet you’ll get a dozen volunteers here to send you a Rosary.


I can certainly empathize. I lived in Layton for two years, and the culture there is palpable. Despite the beauty of the state and the general friendliness of the people, it was very oppressive nonetheless.

My first suggestion is to look through the user groups list here (I think there is one for Utah, actually, but don’t hold me to that) but then you may want to start showing up at your parish bible studies. Ours are at 9:00 a.m. before the 10 a.m. Mass, and there is a less formal one on fridays. It should be listed somewhere in your Parish bulletin or you can ask the RE instructors, the Priests or a Deacon. This would be an opportunity to make a few friends, and to learn how to study the bible at the same time.

Feel free to PM any time. It sounds trite, I know, but I do empathize and we could discuss scripture or just whats happening in the Beehive state. :slight_smile:

Bless you.

Hi, as we say in Texas “me and you is in the same boat” . :slight_smile:

I was looking for more Roman Catholics where I live too because it seemed as if nobody truly was you know what I mean? I suggest a few things: Offer that lonliness up to God I did and my parents after 50 yrs. of non-attendance now sit next to me during Mass every Sunday. Praise God! Also if you call or log onto Priests For Life they will help you find pro-life groups in your community and whoo if you want true Catholics you will find em there.

I too used to fall asleep when I would read Sacred Scripture and now I do things a little different. 1. I began to pray ot the Holy Spirit asking that He let me hear and learn what God wants me to know amd not read Scripture judgingly or critically as I was, I begin to read the Bible in this way- (just as in Mass before the Gospel of the Lord is read when we all stand up) I do the sign of the cross on my forehead my lips and over my heart. Also I place the Bible on a special pillow only for it and place it near my head at night and in the morning after I’m all rested up I open it and begin to read.

I pray this helps and the rosary does come on EWTN it’s a free Catholic t.v. network. oh ya and you can e-mail me anytime. I’ll be your friend. God bless you.

Actually, EWTN is only available if I have cable or satellite. I wish they had local catholic tv and radio.

You can watch EWTN online by going to their web site.
or a direct link:

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