Would like to know your response



On last weekend I went to home and there after occured some issues with my father. As he was drink very much and finally to avoid much problems, I returned to my work place… And I wish to continue in my work place and to stop visiting home on every weekends.

Why I think is:

It is better to avoid such situation than to make happy my mother with my presence in weekend days.

Also I was very gloomy due to the delay in getting a good proposal… and financila problems of my business…

I wish to know your responses… mostly what will you people do on such a situation…?


Honor thy Mother! Remember you are sacrificing yourself to honor your mothers wishes. You should pray a lot for thy father and try to talk to him when he is not drinking, but, please pray that the good lord will find a way to help you and your family. I will also pary for you, be thankful you have a mother to go and see. I would personally continue to go and visit your mother if she so wishes, remember we are all here on borrowed time so do the best you can and don’t judge your father, just pray for him in the name of jesus christ, I will pray for you and your Family, that you may learn to enjoy your times together! God bless you and your family.


Maybe go home one weekend then stay the nexy…I think you must try to spend time with your mother. You will regret it later in life. God bless, and keep praying.


Excellent response.

I too will keep you and your mother and father in prayer.


Rather than avoiding your family, which in the long run certainly can’t do you or your family any good, is it possible to simply avoid discussing those particular issues with your father? Of course, it is often difficult to interact in a Christian manner with a beligerant drunk, so I would leave the situation when the abuse begins to come your way. Still, do not give up visiting your mother. It’s possible that she is also a victim of the abuse you recieve and you are her sole comfort and support. Let her know the limits of the abuse you will accept and why you prefer to leave during that time rather than simply endure it. As others mentioned, pray and take comfort in your faith.


Maybe you could take your mother out to do something… spend time in a park, go to a movie, out to eat… etc. Let her get a chance to get away from it for awhile, and still spend some time with her.


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