Would like to witness to a "worldly" mom at school

Hi there!
I know a woman at my daughter’s preschool who is just wonderful. She has a terrific personality and her outgoing nature could really win people to Christ. She is a self described “shopping addict” and really likes to live in the “world”. But I see something more in her…

Through recent discussions she has mentioned that she is “lacking” and would like to deepen her faith, she is Catholic. It does trouble her that her faith isn’t deeper.

Can you suggest a good book for her to understand the basics, without being too “deep”? I dont’ want to scare her off with something like Peter Kreeft or philosophical discussions. I would like something more approachable for someone who knows the basics but doesn’t know why she believes them. Does that make sense?

Any suggestions?


I think she needs something that will draw her into the interior life of the Church. Try a popular author she can relate to like Mother Angelica or Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Maybe the life of Mother A. would interest her. I understand it is filled with practical advise for people who want to better understand their faith and deepen it. I doubt she is ready for St. Teresa of Avila or even St. Francis de Sales, yes?

Lynnie, I think Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home would be a good one for your friend. It’s engaging style salted with sound theology would be just the ticket to begin her thinking more seriously about her faith.

Also, if there is a Cursillo program active in your area you could encourage her to attend a weekend.

In my experience, one thing that often makes lukewarm Catholics find a renewed interest in their Faith is to hear or read about the struggles and triumphs others had of finding the Faith in the first place–in other words, converts. Nothing makes you take a fresh look at something you’ve always taken for granted than reading about someone who had to go through great trial to grasp it for themselves.

Probably the best single story out there is Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home, but I would also recommend any or all (3) of the Surprised By Truth books that feature several conversion stories. Good luck with your friend.

Miracles of the Eucharist by Bob & Penny Lord,
Cults, Bob & Penny Lord,
Any book or tape by The Hahns, and
Any book or tape by Rosaland Moss

I’d definately recommend the “Suprised by Truth” books for her - they’re pretty easy reads, and can spark that renewal in her spiritual life!

Being a convert myself I certainly understand why so many are recommending apologetics books for this lukewarm Catholic, but I don’t think she would necessarily be able to relate to the struggles of converts nor understand why we ever questioned things she has always taken for granted. She might see our coming to faith as inspiring, but it’s not really where she herself is. So, I think it better to offer her the kind of reading that will better speak to her in her situation. What brought us into the Church interests us converts, but it may not be all that helpful to her, if you see what I mean.

LinnieLew, all the books suggested are great, but I have another idea. Why don’t you invite this mom to your rosary group (if you don’t have one, this is a good excuse to start one!). I myself was rather lukewarm in the faith, until some good Catholic women invited me to their rosary group. That was about 12 years ago, and saying the rosary in this fine Catholic woman’s living room permanently changed my life. Our Blessed Mother touched my heart. Then I read the great books that the other posters have suggested. Remember influencing this mother could help her entire family. You will never know how far this influence towards the faith will spread. God bless you in your efforts.

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