Would Marge Simpson have grounds to get a Catholic annulment?


Wait, what??? I stopped watching in 2001 or so…when did Homer cheat on Marge? He was tempted by Mandy, but was clear that his hotel room was for eating, sleeping, and maybe building a little fort, then he invited Marge to his room.

Don’t tell me Homer cheated in later episodes! And the Las Vegas floozies don’t count, I don’t think that was ever consummated.


In the Simpson world, anything is possible. (Although I agree that Homer never physically cheated on Marge, if lust for beer and doughnuts don’t count.)


Kryptonians and Vulcans cannot validly marry in the Catholic Church. Alas, Christ assumed human nature, not Kryptonian or Vulcan nature, and thus the Church has no jurisdiction.

Of course, the Church of the Papal Mainframe may claim jurisdiction. I’m sure you can find a copy of the applicable canons in the Matrix on Gallifrey.

Oh boy… now we’re mixing at least three fictional universes.


As one Star Trek episode shows an earlier race seed planets with races that become the Klingons, Vulcans, Humans etc. and this is used to explain why they can all mate with each other a theologian in the Star Trek universe might argue that human nature would by necessity have to accommodate all the species such as those which can procreate with each other.

I’m been tongue in cheek and ‘nerdy’ of course there, mind you I do recall Peter David’s DC comics run on Star Trek and his ST novels address these sort of questions in a half-humorous and half-serious way as is his wont as a writer.

Kryptonians are an odd one. The comics have flip-flopped from saying matings between humans and them cannot produce children to Superman having tonnes of descendants. Right now he has a son in the comics again named after his adoptive Earth father.


Sure they can. They just need the Marvel Catholic Church and the Federation Catholic Church.


I’ve never watched the Simpsons but know of the show and watched the clip in the OP. Nothing said there really gives a solid indication of why the marriage would be invalid. It’s a laundry list of Homer’s failings but there is no information about the content of his marital consent. Perhaps one would say that he excluded the “bonum coniugum” or that he is incapable of assuming some essential obligation of marriage. However, even guys who are lazy, beer-loving buffoons can be fully capable of marriage and want to marry.

The fact is, real-life nullity cases can have testimony not unlike the points made in the video: so-and-so did this, that, and the other thing. Therefore, the marriage is invalid.

Doesn’t quite work that way.



Kyrptonians would need the DC Catholic Church. On a related note the way major denominations are represented is usually very poorly and with very little research in DC or Marvel comics. A classic that had me laughing was reading an old Daredevil issue. Black Widow shows up for confession at a Catholic Chuch. One, she’s been established as nominally Russian Orthodox but effectively atheist many times, two she tells the priest she is not Catholic but Orthodox. The priest responds, ‘that’s close enough and not to worry about it.’ She is in New York city in this story, finding an Orthodox Church would have been very easy but would have obviously required the writer to do a bit more research and the artist as well which is why they likely went what they could represent quickly and easily as they were likely fighting a deadline to publish the issue.


My 3rd eye is now open…


I’d be thinking Homer and Marge have some very boring TV. As right now I am eating a chocolate mint and was typing an essay before that. Not exactly a thrilling watch.


Of course the Church hasn’t ruled, but if the Church were to rule when the situation arises, I would say yes: they are capable of forming a natural marriage bond between rational creatures, and sexual relations between such couples (taking Star Trek and Superman at face value) would not be considered an abomination because of the fact that two rational creatures are involved. If I were Pope (and you lot thank the heavens I am not!), that’s exactly how I would say it.

They would be incapable of contracting a sacramental marriage, and if Amanda or Lois were Catholic, would require dispensation.

Further, I as Pope (and you lot, again, thank the high heavens that I am not!) would rule that Spock would also be eligible for baptism, as he would be a descendant of Adam, pointed ears notwithstanding. However, Sarek, being fully non-human, would be ineligible.


Wait! Los Vegas was 18 years ago…


stop blowing my mind, brah


Season 10 episode 10, January 1999 :slight_smile:


The Simpsons were at their peak in the mid 1990s. I think the “Who Shot Mr. Burns” episodes were the beginning of a downhill slide. I mean, back then, when they were at their peak, that show was incredibly funny and weird and clever. It still had many great moments after the mid 1990s, but it just was not the same.

One major loss was that of the late, great comedian Phil Hartman, who voiced the characters of attorney Lionel Hutz and movie star Troy McClure. Pure comedic genius.


Agreed, it is more a cultural relic at this point that carries on been shown for a variety of factors. I doubt whether it could ever return to being what it once was. That it has carried on for nearly a third of a century is actually amazing enough.


It really is amazing how long they have kept going and how many episodes they have put out. It also kind of amazes me that for as big of a Simpsons fan I was for so many years—never missing an episode and watching each one dozens of times—there are now far many more episodes of the Simpsons I have not seen than there are episodes I have seen.

I am still curious to see how the show will end. I wonder if it will actually end intentionally or whether Fox will just decide not to renew it at some point. As they said in their 138th episode special, the show will continue until the show becomes unprofitable. I guess they haven’t hit that point yet.


I haven’t watched in years, but the show used to have some real moments of moral clarity. Both Marge and Homer at different points are tempted to have affairs; they both ultimately refuse and renew their commitment to each other. Homer also makes a great display of sacrificial love (I realize I sound like a tool talking about a cartoon like this) when he finds peace at a job he hates by recognizing that it’s the best way to provide for his kids.


I’m old enough to remember Ronnie going on about needing more families like the Waltons. The Simpsons are now relatively speaking tame, especially if you compare it to something like Family Guy. Now I find that latter show intermittently funny (but not half as funny as it seems to think it is at points) but it also shows subject matter Ronnie could never have imagined I think when making his famous comment about the Simpsons vs. The Waltons.


I tear up with the one where Homer has the pictures of Maggie around his workspace “I do it for her” and then my daughter laughs at me that I’m crying for a cartoon.

I like also when Lisa wanted to go to the museum, and tricked Homer into letting her take the bus.

I’m adding,:
“ A limousine !? Is there any other way?”
“Well, I can take the bus.”


That scene always gets to me, too. :cry:

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