Would our heavenly Father give signs to file for divorce?

Please forgive me if this sounds naive. I am a young woman who is incredibly confused, heart sick and stricken with worries beyond anything I can articulate.

I often meditate as I pray in alone time with God and can sense a powerful, goosebump-evoking presence when I do so. I ask the Lord questions in my heart and I hear answers back but I am so worried that I could be confusing those answers for my own humanly voice or my biggest fear - the voice of the evil one trying to persuade me to go down the wrong path.

I feel in my heart that I need to leave my marriage. There is no abuse or evil happening to me from my spouse and I would clog up this question box if I went into all of the details. When I pray about it, I hear the answer telling me to “GO” and to have faith that the Lord will help me survive. A fear I face, is that if I go on my own, I will face many troubles financially which is a reality that I will have to endure. I’m driven and motivated, and I feel that God has given me talents, blessings, and an opportunity to do something magnificent with the life He has given me. And I feel an overwhelming sense that I need to just trust Him that it will all be ok if I just take this risk and do this.

Would our Lord ever try to guide someone to leave a spouse??? Please, I beg you if you can’t answer my question Apologist, I desperately and humbly ask for your prayer.

Thank you

Dear friend,

The Catholic Church does allow a Catholic to file for divorce as a legal means of equitably dividing goods that were held in common. This is not to say that the state has the power to dissolve a valid marriage.

As to whether God is telling you to leave, I cannot say. You haven’t given your reasons. Certainly, you are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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