Would people need to be re baptized after Jesus was baptized?


Ok so We know from scripture that John was baptizing people in the Jordan before Jesus came up to him. We know from Church teaching that Jesus’s baptism was separate from John’s. So would the people baptized before Jesus instituted the sacrament need to be re baptized as Christians later?


Yes. Check out the story in Acts about Paul running across some believers in Ephesus who had been baptized with John’s baptism, but had never heard of the Holy Spirit. Paul re-baptized them and laid hands on them, and they received the Spirit.


Well, DUH!! That is so funny. I was thinking about this today and decided to post. I should have known the answer was in the Bible. :shrug:
Thanks for answering!:o


Proper formula = Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


The baptism of John was a ritual that was not meant to give the grace of God. The same word, baptism, was used in both cases, but baptism in each case was different. Pagan religions also baptized without giving God’s grace, and John’s baptism simply answered the same basic human spiritual need to feel purified. It did not involve the act of God Christian baptism always involves.


Exactly. John’s was a baptism of repentance, but Jesus brought baptism of forgiveness.


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