Would priest avoid me on purpose?


I don’t know if he has a secretary. I’ve only ever corresponded with him directly and the email listed for the church goes direction to him. I realize priests are immensely busy. I’ve replayed several scenarios in my head, and I hope embarrassment is the reason.

@Tis_Bearself You’re right, I should not take it personally. I don’t know what his reasons are and it’s a waste of energy to even speculate. It’s just hard sometimes when things begin to add up.


Why don’t you check the church website to see if there is a better contact? Get all the paperwork you need and then pop him a note.

“Hi Father, sorry if my emails were overwhelming in the past. Secretary McDRE was able to get me all the records I needed. She also gave me a recommendation for the dioceses spiritual director. I’ve sent a meal to the rectory as I’ve heard lasgagna is your favorite. Let me now if there’s anything else I can do for you or the parish.”


No. It is not a priest role to judge between people in any way. They have to walk a fine line: too welcoming, and they are intrusive if not invasive, but not welcoming enough they are cold and indifferent if not antagonistic.

So they have to go on body language and a history of interactions. Sometimes they are distracted by the next thing they have to do and aren’t attentive to all the cues.

Basically, they disappoint people inadvertently very often in the smaller matters. But they also come through for you when you truly need them, in a crisis, spiritual or otherwise, and in making the Sacraments available.

It isn’t really the priest’s role to make people feel welcome, although it is important enough that we feel it should be. That is our role as the body of Christ—we are supposed to welcome people into our community ourselves. The priest’s role is to make the Sacraments available to the faithful.

The other stuff is a bonus. Or a distraction.


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