Would sola scriptura work if the deutero's had not been booted?


Just wonderin’


[quote=mark a]Just wonderin’

It doesn’t work now without them, so of course it wouldn’t work with them either.:nope:


[quote=mark a]Just wonderin’


No. Scripture without proper interpretation is at best unintelligible and at worst will lead you into heresy. Let me give you a short example of straight scripture–but I am having to transliterate it:

“va-yira’ elohim l’or ki tov va-yavdel elohim bein ha-or u-vein ha-khoshekh”

Anybody have a ghost of a chance of understanding that without some interpretation?

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St. Peter tells us that we must be taught what Scripture means, or else possibly suffer destruction (2 Peter 3:16)

Also, you have to understand the difference between formal sufficiency of Scripture and material sufficiency of Scripture.

The Bible, with or without the Deuterocanonicals, is materially sufficient. That means that everything we need is in there, but we probably won’t be able to find it because we wouldn’t understand without Tradition, without knowing what we were looking for.

Formal sufficiency means that everything we need would be in there and we have all we need to find and understand it. This is what Protestants believe.


No. Lol… ths thread should’ve been a poll!


Sola Scriptura won’t work no matter what. Try just handing out identical bibles to everybody and see if they all develop the same theology and doctrines.

Of course it would be particularly hard on those who can’t read.
Is the ability to read necessary for salvation?


Sola Scriptura is not in the Scripture - any version of it! Jesus never taught it. The Scripture doesn’t claim it.

Sola Scriptura = man made tradition

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