Would someone please punch Hollywood in the face?

This movie is so evil!


Anne Renton (director) and screenwriters Paula Goldberg and Claire V. Riley,

Seems to me that Ms Renton and Ms Riley may be ex-Catholic and may have some axe to grind but Ms Goldberg is probably not Catholic. I would myself hardly see a need to make a movie ridiculing Buddhism, the Jewish faith or even New Atheism. But hey, some people are just nasty and those with an axe to grind are probably too sure of themselves.

Again do the values promoted in the film resonate with most Americans? I don’t know. If they don’t – maybe challenge the producers over what their intentions are in open debate.

They’ve been punching themselves in the face for years. This film will bomb.

The movie is pretty much in the category of “straight to video.” It opened in the US last week but only in five theaters nationwide. And the movie is scheduled for DVD release six weeks from now.

The star of the film, Kathleen Turner, is also one of its executive producers which makes me wonder if this isn’t a vanity project. Aside from a handful of appearances on a few television series, her career has been pretty much dead for the past decade.

Hey, kudos to what is arguably the most fetching thread title I’ve read.

God bless,



I will pray for these people, and if anyone I run into is unfortunate enough to have seen the film, I will speak the truth of our faith.

Thank you. Bows

That explains a lot. Never even heard of it until now.

Sounds terrible.

I plan on seeing it, though. My friend (who has seen it) says that some of this is a little misleading and actually thought that, by the end of the film, the Church was portrayed positively. So I will see it and let you know what my opinion is.

You must be desperate for entertainment. What a waste of time, but too each his own.

Well, she did have a very good run in Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf?.
But you do have a point.

He just wants to see it himself rather than basing his opinion on random Internet articles.

I think there is something to be said for investigating a controversy, and if first hand knowledge is necessary, taking the steps necessary.

However, I disagree with your assessment of the movie review on the Catholic News Service website as a “random Internet article.” The Catholic News Service was established by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and their movie reviews are a feature they were tasked with. Although the CNS reviews are not the official position of the USCCB, they are intended to reflect an appraisal of the movie based upon its artistic, entertainment and religious merits. The article cited in the first post is not from some blogger or movie reviewer picked from among the hundreds of persons who write about movies.

That said, I look forward to what VeritasLuxMea has say after he has seen the film.

Well I’m pretty “liberal” by comparison to most CAF posters but I will try to review it in a very neutral manner, with charity towards the Church and the filmmakers.

I watch about 50 movies a month due to my work, so it’s no biggie.

Plus the more perspectives that are out there, the better. These Catholic reviews are good for some, but others perhaps find that they can be over-sensitive at times. I’m less sensitive, so if I come back saying it’s sacrilegious, then you will REALLY know to avoid it. :slight_smile:

Finally! Thank you!

Wow. Just when you think the freaks in Hollywood can’t stoop any lower, they manage to do just that.


I’m sure this will get big laughs from anti-Catholics and JWs and SDAs and Mormons. It does sound like a horrible film, though.

I know I’m new to Catholicism but… With the HHS mandate, the priest-and-altar-boy news/jokes, etc… Good grief. This is like a “two steps forward, three steps back” barrier to evangelism. This film sounds like it depicts what Catholicism appears to be to the regular American audience goer. I understand feeling you have an axe to grind, but, really? Why on earth would the creators of this film even think this is funny? It’s mean-spirited.

You hit it right on the head. Somehow Catholic bashing is not only acceptable but darn near condoned. No one would dare to whisper similar anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic or anti-anything else (Unless, of course, you are a skinhead or whatever.). But, you are right: some folks need to feel better about themselves by putting others down. Say a prayer for them–they need it.


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