Would St. Therese, the Little Flower


buy a used Honda or a used Jaguar?

Explain your opinion.



Honda all the way :wink: I don’t think she was really attached to possessions… considering she left them all to be a Carmelite :slight_smile:

are you thinking of buying a car brother? hahaha :slight_smile:

I think the intention of the heart really matters… if someone doesn’t have an attachment to personal possessions or money, it would be safer for them to buy a Jaguar than a person who does.

Also, price is an issue… if the Jaguar is used, then it’s probably not sooo expensive as a new Jaguar. I think spending ridiculous amounts of money on cars (etc) is kind of silly… I mean buying a car that costs as much as a house would…lol… :rolleyes: it’s important to have a good quality solid car so it’s safe to drive in, but some people go way overboard, and for the wrong reasons… (“I want to look better than my neighbour”)


I don’t think she knows what a car is. :confused:


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