Would the bringing back of the 1962 missal be a good thing for the Church?


Many argue that traditional Catholic movements have a great deal of followers, perdominantly and they also have booming seminaries. On the other hand Catholicism attracts many because of its openess to the world of science and new discoveries. What do you think? What would be more beneficial for your own spirituality?


1962 missal is already back and it has been a God send for me :)


We have that missal at our parish for the Latin Mass…we’ve had it for years. So it is already back. If by your question you mean should all the masses be strictly latin I don’t think so. But if it does return, I’m open to that as well. I personally, like both the EF and the OF each has different attractions for me.


Can one purchase a 1962 missal at a Catholic bookstore? I never seen one. I am sure it is much different then the ones that are distributed/read at mass.


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