Would the Disciples of Christ Church lean liberal or conservative


I’m curious whether the Disciples of Christ Church is Liberal or conservative. If liberal is that a recent development or something foundational in its doctrine?


Most of the people that I’ve met that have belonged to that denomination, lean conservative, but I also live in the Southern United States where that’s not uncommon. I would never call the Episcopal Church conservative, but most Episcopalians I know are. I honestly don’t know.



The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)General Assembly has “repeatedly affirmed its support for the principles of a woman’s right to reproductive freedom, of the freedom and responsibility of individual conscience, and of the sacredness of life of all persons. While advocating respect for differences of religious beliefs concerning abortion, Disciples have consistently opposed any attempts to legislate a specific religious opinion regarding abortion for all Americans.”[82]

BTW, many national denominations are less liberal in the South, but the national direction is liberal, including Episcopal.


I’ve always thought of the Disciples as more left leaning while the “Christian Church” and Church of Christ groups (a la Alexander Campbell) that aren’t Disciples are more to the right.


I think the partial liberalism of the Disciples of Christ is mainly a twentieth century development. The churches of Christ separated from the Disciples near the beginning of the twentieth century, and the issues that led to the separation were I think mainly the use of musical instruments in worship and the founding of a missionary society, the churches of Christ were and are against both. Toleration of liberalism was not among the issues that led to the separation. So I think that developed later.


The national denomination is certainly liberal; however, when it comes to individual local churches, there are probably those that lean conservative. Like most mainline denominations, the liberalism would have been a gradual development starting sometime around the early 1900s and getting more extreme over time.


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