Would the problems be solved with a new religious cult


I usually have a problem with the god of abraham sometimes. I mean as a whole framework. Though i prefer christian religious culture over islamic ones since islamic ones i feel just doesnt have humanism in their religious culture. This is something that atleast western part in terms of Christianity have adapted too since 14th century with the idea that you as a human have a value. So i prefer christian countries over islamic ones.

But i just mean the overall views that if you are not a bad human but watch porn, or if you are not for sexual manipulative or dangerous environment, yet still you are bad for some reason?. I just came up with the idea of obvious good and evil, things that are so obviously evil that it will lead you more to death, and this would have to include christianity and islam too since it assumed people based on nothing if they know who they are. But this is just to answer question on heaven and hell since it was made to improve your character to prevent psychopaths thinking killing wont stop them etc. But the overall anxiety of death is what creates a sheep mentality.

But the question is if this truth is really the truth?. Like Zoroastrianism also was a religion of heaven and hell, the only difference is it didnt claim authority of it. So i dunno. I just overall think humans are flawed but the only case people become evil is if they dont extinguish the hate or the errors atleast.

For example i dont think if you are an atheist and are not promoting crazy stuff that you are bad, but i have heard some messed up atheists saying cannibalism is ok with consent??? which i honestly dont get why such people exist. I mean there is the case of morality being subjective to a point where it crosses a red line. This is obviously bad if you dont have guilt of eating your own? Like yeah. (btw i get the joke some atheists do) like haha they eat Jesus and drink his blood. I heard that joke but the thing is its one sacrifice, i never heard the bible say go and eat your neighbor. Like the sacrifice is more symbolic in the case of one sacrifice so its not actually endorsing eating people. Like i get the joke behind it but it is hypocritical but its big difference between that one sacrifice of life and then just being sick and saying its ok to eat people even if they are ok with it. I mean just no!

But either way just wondering your views?


Aside from the obvious cynicism, that’s quite a claim! You’re literally asserting that teachings of heaven and hell – in a Christian framework – were not introduced into the religion because God wished them or Jesus taught them, but were introduced later by humans, who merely wished to cut down on crime!

With such a broad, sweeping claim, I’m sure you have evidence of this conspiracy theory to control our minds and actions, right? So, please: lay out your evidence for us!

Actually, “overall anxiety of death” is – in a certain sense – a product of modern Western culture. Oh, I know – no one loves the idea of death – but this paralyzing fear of death and aversion to it, really seems to be characteristic of our culture. And, if you haven’t noticed, our culture in the West is no longer a culture of Christendom. Therefore, the “overall anxiety of death” finds its expression not in “sheep mentality”, but in the desire to turn to pharmaceuticals, and miracle pills, and creams and lotions and little blue pills – not to mention the hopes of reaching the singularity and therefore immortality!

So, I’m not certain I’d agree with you that religion = fear of death played out = sheep mentality. (Oh, I get it – that’s a popular meme these days – but I don’t think it holds up to close examination.)

From a Catholic perspective, the sacrifice of the Eucharist isn’t symbolic, it’s real. The thing is, though, that it’s an unbloody sacrifice, in which the physical appearances of the sacrifice are bread and wine (and therefore, we’re not practicing cannibalism).

I think that our culture deals with religion – especially Christianity – superficially. It’s part of the conventional wisdom (you know – the stuff that “everybody knows is true” but no one ever feels the need to ask how we know it’s true!) to suggest that Christianity is flawed, or of human origin, or really just a massive social conditioning exercise.

I also think that our culture is very jaded by the experience of Christianity. Just because people themselves have a hard time living up to its tenets, it seems that we look at the whole of the Christian belief system and say “well, if Christians aren’t perfect, then Christianity must be wrong.”

So, no… I don’t have a problem with the God of Abraham. I think that, rather, we should have a problem with ourselves, and hold ourselves to higher standards, before we blame our problems on external forces. :man_shrugging:


No i mean just general fear of death. Like with time some may get more anxiety that they may die. Traumatic stuff may boost it up though if they have been in a certain situation. But thats what i meant essentially


Right. The “fear of death” (or, more to the point, the fear of loss of the ‘stuff’ we have here, in this life) is really characteristic of Western culture in the past couple hundred years. (Christianity kinda predates that timeframe. :wink: )


The answer is no.


I think you should reword your post. I can’t understand a single thing.


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