Would this Baptism be valid?

If a child is baptized, and one of the Godparents is in mortal sin (the other is in a state of grace), but said Godparent does not know that they are in a state of mortal sin, is the Baptism still valid?

Even a priest can confect the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin. No, it doesn’t matter. The baptism is still valid.

How can one be in a state of mortal sin and not know it when in order to commit a mortal sin you have to have full knowledge and intent?

By looking back on it nearly a year later and realizing that they might have invalidated their nearest Confession to the Baptism.

Godparents are not necessary for baptism

Yes they can. Unless they have committed adultery with one another.


yes because in order for it to be a mortal sin it would have to include the ideas of full knowledge (knowing its a mortal sin when doing it) and full consent (meaning not being physically forced to do it, wanting and/or choosing to of free will) therefore, if the person didn’t know that they were in a state of mortal sin, it was obviously not a valid mortal sin seeing as how they did not have full knowledge. hope this helped!

Full knowledge at the time does not prevent forgetting later. It’s entirely possible to go a long time without confession and forget whether you’ve committed a mortal sin or not.

Dear ByzCat3,

Putting aside the discussion on the conditions for Mortal Sin, let’s for the sake of argument assume the Godparents were. The Baptism is absolutely valid-Godparents aren’t part of the Form or Matter for this sacrament. So, you can be assured you need not worry about it anymore:thumbsup:

God Bless,

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