Would this be a complete penance?


So if a priest says pray to be a better christian and to avoid lust, would simply praying to be a better christian automatically cover the latter part or would you need to pray both intentions?


Did he say it just like that?

If so, I would have understood it as

  1. Pray to be a better Christian
  2. Avoid lust

instead of

  1. Pray to be a better Christian
  2. Pray to avoid lust

Where the avoiding lust is an action you are to take, but I would recommend praying about it too. I personally would pray for both intentions, seeing as it is specific.


It sounds as if it were more advice than a penance. My confessor often asks me to do things but not as a penance. He is very specific when he assigns a penance, such as a prayer or a specific act to be completed within a certain time. This "penance" seems to open ended.


I would pray for both. The general and the specific. That seems to have been his intent.


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