would this be a mortal sin?

sorry to make this, i just need some clarification. its awkward and embarrassing for me to type this, but i think it will help :frowning:

i read, a lot. i try to pick books that are good, and unknowingly sometimes i will get one that is bad. today, that happened.

about a year to a year and a half ago, i had a habit of masturbating. i finally broke it and confessed it at church, and never did it since.

normally if im reading a bad book i will just stop, put it down, and not continue, but today, im not really sure why, but i didnt. ive had a bad past couple weeks so that could be it, but im not going to let myself make excuses.

anyways, when i was reading i wasnt even thinking and i started to masturbate, but less than 10 seconds after i realized how horrible the thing i was doing was, and how i ruined everything i’d accomplished in the past year or so.

is this a mortal sin? as i cannot drive yet i can’t really get to confession but two times a year when my family goes for easter and christmas, and i dont want them to realize what ive done as it might affect their view of me. i want to keep it between me and the priest in real life. id put this past me for so long and immediately i realized how horrible i was and i really want to make it right.

if it is a mortal sin, i dont know what to do. back when i still had my habit i waited until my family went and i felt so terrible doing that too. i wish i could drive and be on my own.

thank you :slight_smile:


This is from the Catechism, the conditions for mortal sin. You can read more here.

1857 For a sin to be mortal, three conditions must together be met: "Mortal sin is sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent."131

As the catechism says, you all three conditions must be met. If you truly didn’t realize that you were committing the act, you did not have deliberate consent. Good that you stopped.


I take it that you do go to Mass on Sunday. So, when you get to church, why not excuse yourself from your parents before Mass and go into the Sacristy. Try to do this at least 5 or 10 minutes before Mass is scheduled to start. You will find the priest there. Ask him to hear your Confession. He will usually do so, unless in doing so he would be late for Mass.
As for your parents, you are not obligated to tell them anything. If they do press you, just say that you felt the need to go. It is not their business why you went to Confession.

It is ok also to do an act of contrition on your own before you have the opportunity to go to confession. You are certainly forgiven if you are contrite.

Tell your parents you want to start going to confession once a month, starting the next time your parish has hours of confession. And keep to it. Don’t go to confession only twice a year. You really should go once per month anyway.

i realize i should go more, and im going to get my license fairly soon, and will be able to go as i please more (especially when i go to college).

but for now, did i commit a mortal sin? i see people saying i should confess, but i just want to know if it’s a mortal sin.

since it was kind of an “why am i doing this oh shoot” moment and i stopped pretty quickly once i realized what i was truly doing, im not sure if it counts or not.

it would be hard for me to convince my parents to let me come early to confess or go monthly without them complaining or being suspicious and being hard on me or something.

If you didn’t consent to it, and you stopped when you became conscious of it, then it would seem to *not * be mortal. A mortal sin requires you to willfully violate commandments.

But at the same time, people on the internet are not exactly the best sources of assistance for such a question. You really should speak to a priest, which sort of implies confession.

You have to know something was a sin and you did it anyways for it to be a mortal sin. In my opinion you did not commit one. The fact that you’re asking shows that you did not know. An act of contrition never hurts though as it is not over-scrupulous in my view to say one even for venial sins.

I don’t think so because you didn’t fully consent to it.

I absolutely agree. A mortal sin requires you to intend to offend God. Your questioning this shows that you did not (from what I can see) intend to reject God but that you had a momentary weakness. Pray an act of contrition and know the infinite love of God. He wills for you to be saved and He would never want you to be in despair. I am a mere person and I can see your contrition. Read the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke. God comes running to you the minute you turn towards Him. Go to confession when you can but please be at peace. And remember that satan wants nothing more than for you to think that you are separated from God. Are you in mortal sin? Did you commit this act with wanting to reject God? There’s your answer.

I seriously doubt that this was a mortal sin.

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