Would This Be a Mortal Sin

Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask about this issue that I’ve been struggling with. Okay, so a couple of days ago we got the new Super Smash game and it’s really fun. After a while I noticed that you can choose several characters that does black magic. I don’t really know what the Church teaches about black magic in video games, but I feel that games with stuff like that shouldn’t be played. I not only have problems with black magic being in video games, but also in shows. And now, I’m struggling to decide whether or not I should bring the game to my friend’s house tomorrow, for fear of presenting that temptation to use those characters, which I think would be a sin in itself, a serious sin, for I fully understand that I would be presenting such a temptation upon my friends. So I just want to know, what does the Church really teach about black magic being in video games and shows, and would I be committing a venial or mortal sin if I did allow such a temptation to be presented to my friends? Oh and can you guys refer me to some quotes from the CCC to support your claims. I kind of want a valid reference that will help me believe in the claims that are given. Thanks.

I presume you mean the WiiU version? The only characters I can think of are Robin and Dark Pitt - neither of whom are bad guys or use “proper” black magic.

In specifics, I don’t see a problem with a good Smash Bros session - take it over to your mate’s and give him a good thrashing!

I’d only have a problem with a game that glorifies sinful, evil or demoniac behaviour (eg. Bayonetta), or ultraviolent games (eg. Postal - though that is a rather dated reference). Smash Bros is neither of those, and I certainly can’t see how it would encourage anyone towards dabbling in the occult.

Smash Bros. is a lot like Mario Kart - it’s a light, cheery game, and great fun for everyone - the actual canons of the various characters are quite irrelevant - otherwise, it would be quite impossible to have Mario racing Baby Mario, Bowser, Peach and Link!

In general, though, your question addressed the depiction of immoral behaviour in entertainment media. A lot of ink has been spilled over this, and I’m sure that, were you to start a new thread on this subject, you’d get many great answers from much more learned people than myself.

I don’t know what the Church teaches but common sense tells me anything that has to do with black magic, white magic or witchcraft is from the devil & evil. I would stay away from these things, including owega boards!
There are other fun games that won’t lead to satanic things.

is there a difference between magic and black magic?

What about Tolkien and CS Lewis? Their story’s are universally hailed by Christians of all kinds. And they are riddled with magic.
Personally I dont have an issue with things in entertainment that have what I call fantasy magic which is more like super powers then real magic. Games like grand theft auto are more of a concern to me then any Mario game

Yeah, that’s what I’m confused about. I mean there are those who depict that there is good kind of magic and bad. Overall, I don’t see the problem with stuff like LoTR, but then there’s the case of Harry Potter, where it gets more confusing for me.

Magic, to me is a card trick or pulling a rabbit out of a hat. A show, which everyone accepts as a show.
Black magic is putting spells on people or contacting the dead. White magic is about the same.
Harry Potter uses magic for good but according to our Bible…Revelation 21: 8 & Rev. 22: 15, “those who practice magic arts will be in the lake of fire.” :eek:

That’s enough for me to steer clear of this stuff!

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