Would this be a sin?

So I bought Yngwie Malmsteen’s first album (I LOVE Yngwie). Since I play guitar much in the style of Yngwie I’ll probably try and learn the whole album.

I know there are some issues with ripping songs and copyright, but I’m interested if it would be a sin if I ripped the songs from the original CD for the purpose of slowing down the fast parts in Audacity and maybe changing the pitch (if I don’t downtune myself to his tuning).

I hope it’s not a dumb question. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Though I am not sure of the laws in Croatia…here is what I think:

You said you bought the CD right? Ripping the songs as long as you don’t sell them or share them with anyone would not be stealing (pretty sure that would be sinful) and falls under Fair Use. There are sometimes laws in place that prevent you from transferring from one medium to another, but according to the RIAA you should be all set!

Nothing wrong with learning to rip a few licks! :harp:

That’s all I wanted to hear. Cheers man. :slight_smile:

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