Would this be a sin?

Good morning…

So I’m concerned about the following:

Up until last Monday (May 9th), my brother was working for a pretty good company that offered many benefits. One of such benefits was a membership to a gym for him and some family members… When my brother told me that he didn’t work for such company anymore I asked him if I could still use his gym membership and he said that I could still use the membership because he knows that his (former) company pays for those memberships at the beginning of each month…

My question is: would it be moral if I continue using my brother’s gym membership even though he doesn’t work anymore for the company that pays for such membership?

Thank you for your time.

It was prepaid… you are not taking anything from anyone. No one is being “stolen” from.

IS this something that YOU feel personally ENTITLED to?
Sounds like you know the answer is “no”.
So…why get involved in deception?

I think you already now the answer.

When I tried using my husband’s train pass when he was in the hospital, I thought it was OK.

The conductor checked me in, and he said, “Ma’am, you have a male pass. You can’t use it.”

I said, “I didn’t know train passes came in male and female. That seems silly.”

Upon checking the pass, I noted that the mark on “male” was what he was talking about.

You would think that they could have done something about it since my husband was ill and couldn’t use the pass.

There’s nothing wrong with using the membership until the end of the month. It’s like health insurance paid for by the employer - it’s good for the month even if you quit before the end of the month.

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