Would this be a sin?

Good afternoon.

I would like to watch espn on my tv, however I don’t have money to pay for cable… My brother on the other hand has directv in his household… I was thinking about watching espn through roku, however, in order to watch ESPN on Roku one must have a cable subscription. . Would it be a sin if I used my brother’s’ subscription information in order for me to watch espn on roku?

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His account, his information, ask you brother to sign you up.

If you have his permission, no foul. My daughter has permission from me to use my HBO Go account since I very rarely use it except on vacations.:thumbsup:

Whether or not it’s a sin, I think if you do it you’ll feel uncomfortable about it.

Don;t just do it on your own, but as long as you ask him first and he gives you his permission, then it should be fine.

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that depend on ESPN’s terms of service?

If one subscription is for only one person and the members of their household, yes, I would think that sharing that subscription information with those who do not meet those criteria would be to violate the copyright owner’s rights. A subscription is like a ticket to an event: each ticket is intended to be used in ways spelled out by the initial seller of the ticket, so long as they have a legitimate right to own whatever sort of content the ticket entitles a buyer to enjoy. One ticket usually can’t be used to get 19 people in the gate, and so it is with subscriptions. He who purchases has the right to view the content.

Would misuse of their terms of service in this way be sinful? I could see it being a venial sin, yes, although I’m not a moral theologian.

Willfully committing venial sin is something that should always be avoided.

Check ESPN’s terms of service. If they forbid what you are suggesting, then I would encourage you to not do it. If it’s not addressed, then find out some other way.


This is actually an interesting question.

Let’s say CatholicGuy25’s brother logs into his HBO account on Catholicguy25’s laptop, and invites him to watch.

After the movie, the brother leaves but doesn’t log out of the account. The next movie comes on. Would CatholicGuy25 be expected to avert his eyes so as not to view his own laptop? Would he be expected to logout of the account on his own laptop?

I pay subscriptions for Netflix and Hulu. My teenage daughter watches shows on those sites from her iPhone (which I also pay for). Next year when she goes to college, will I have to change the passwords so she can’t use the accounts? Yeah…good luck with that one…:stuck_out_tongue:

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