Would this be breaking the 2nd Commamndment?


2 questions.
1st, would it be sinful to have a user name be based off a prayer involving God’s Name and every time you type it in, you are thinking of God’s Name, but not necessarily praising it, etc?
I personally doubt it (even though I’m scrupulous) but just making sure.

2nd question: I have this tick I do where I start to pray (at least, attempt to) to God through a specific action (ie: pointing at the sky) but then after I stop praying, I continue this b\c it feels good. Would this be sinful? It’s not like a fetish or anything, I’m just wondering if I’m breaking the 2nd Commandment.
And this is after I’ve had a whole discussion about the Second Commandment w/ Mr. Snaith in another thread! Advice appreciated…and I WILL talk to my confessor, and eventually a neurologist about my scruples/possible OCD.


Neither of these actions are sinful. Also, there are already people on the forum who have prayer usernames.

I’m glad you are consulting someone for scruples!


No, certainly not sinful.

By the way, the consult should be with a psychiatrist. OCD is a psychiatric disorder, sometimes mild, sometimes severe (I have a mild form myself!).


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