Would this be considered a bad lyric?

I’ve been finding songs I used to listen to from my childhood and teenage years since there is stuff that is better than today’s music

one artist has clean songs, so I downloaded the ones I remembered listening to but one song has this lyric
and now I cry in the middle of the night for
the same damn thing

I honestly completely forgot there was that bad word in there, though I guess bad depends on the context, “damn” is usued in the bible and other writings without a problem.

but I guess in this case, it might be more like swearing. this is a word I never use myself.

what say you? should I get rid of it, I did already buy the song. or just overthinking?

Loosen up…

Yes, you are overthinking it. Absolutely nothing wrong. “Bad” language is not a moral issue, unless you are trying to insult someone or take God’s name in vain.

You’re over thinking it.

Well, since you’re Canadian…I know the Etiquette Laws are way more strict there than in the States.
But you are safe with “damn” because it isn’t even a “swear word”, it’s just an emphasizer that adds emotion.

used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration.
"turn that damn thing off!"

After all, even the founder of your faith expressed anger and frustration at times.


Yes, great post. I know the song you are referring to OP and I love it. The word damn is used exactly as noted above to express emotion. Enjoy.

God Bless,


Just because the use of the word is becoming more and more socially expectable doesn’t mean that it’s alright in the site of God.

Colossians 3:8

8* But now put you also all away: anger, indignation, malice, blasphemy, filthy speech out of your mouth.*

As one definition put it: (in Christian belief) be condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell.
“be forever damned with Lucifer”

Being a Christian, I don’t want to ‘damn’ anything to hell. But, I realize that our society has become so lax and expectable of what seems to be almost anything and everything, people will try and defend the use of it in everyday speech.

What SJacob7 says might just be a cue or excuse that fires the imagination to not have a body of materials - however clean most of them are - in your lifestyle. One or more other pursuits may already be obviously beckoning. Don’t do that too soon though otherwise they will all come back!

I gave away all my aeroplane books because linguistics and history were becoming so attractive. (It’s all geography - now the “flights” are in my head!)

Meantime conscience is a good gift.

If lyrics speak to you, there are indeed many good ones. Also poems in books . . .

It sounds like you are overthinking it again. I don’t think there is anything wrong with listening to it.

However,if the lyric gives you pause, maybe you shouldn’t listen to it. It sounds like you are using music to give yourself positive feelings. If this doubt is in your mind, it will trouble your mind. There are thousands of songs with clean lyrics from any era and genre.

I don’t know what songs you are thinking about, Perhaps the artist recorded a clean version or an acoustic version that you could enjoy guilt-free.

scruples again.

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