Would this Be Considered a Mortal Sin


Putting myself under really stressful situations make me prone to think of really bad things. I don’t willfully entertain them, and I try my best to fight them off, it’s just I’m worried that doing things that I know will make me really stressed is the same thing as putting myself under a tempting situation, which I perceive is a really bad sin, and it’s affecting me negatively. I’m afraid that if I allow myself to partake in things that I already know beforehand will make me stressed, I would be committing a mortal sin. I can’t do homework or even play games that I like to play without worrying that I might commit a mortal sin. Can someone help me understand whether or not this would really be considered a mortal sin? Thanks in advance =)


No, that is not a mortal sin…because you are not willfully entertaining these thoughts.

For a sin to be a mortal sin, ALL three things are required:

1-the matter must be “grave”;
2-the sin must be committed with full knowledge; and
3-the sin must be committed deliberately.


No, I mean stress is unavoidable and if you can’t control the thoughts while stressed that isn’t really your fault. The thoughts are not voluntary therefore they cannot be mortal sins. Just stop worrying about it and it will go away. Stress might actually be a good thing to expose yourself to and eventually just get sensitized to and they will stop.


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not sinful.


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